With this Master number as your Life Path, you’re here to be a master teacher and a healer. As with all Master numbers, this is a spiritual path that beckons you to dig deeper, enabling you to tap into your creativity, emotions and utilizing your nurturing and healing qualities.

Your purpose is all about helping, healing, bringing joy, and delving into the arena of creativity. One of the main obstacles that you will need to overcome is setting strong emotional boundaries. When it comes to any relationship, it’s easy for you to get into a pattern of enabling.

The number 33 is all about giving. When you’re not in alignment with this, you’re not following your life’s mission. You have a tendency to absorb the pain of the world, which can leave you feeling emotionally raw. You’re called to learn to utilize and express your creative energy to uplift those around you. You’re at your best when you’re working for justice and truth in positive ways while using your creative and healing abilities. While you’re here to help others acknowledge their obstacles and painful experiences to aid in their journeys, it’s important to remember that you’ll only achieve this when you’ve healed yourself – the healing begins with you.

At times it may seem like the world may swallow you whole, but to succeed, you’ll need to grab hold of your ideas, focus on a goal and remain positive and pragmatic.

The challenges of the 33/6 can be demanding, and it’s relatively easy for you to veer off course. A few negative aspects to look out for with this Master number are self-doubt, ineffective communication, self-righteousness, being superficial, and being overly emotional.