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Galactic Tone 1: Magnetic

Unity, beginnings, creation. The God of Fire & Time-INITIATES & IGNITES

Those born with the number one are pioneers. They create a path for others to follow. This creative energy is utilized in their daily lives in some way, and they are great at starting projects. They are independent beings and dislike taking advice from others. When they set their sights on something they believe in, nothing can get in their way. It's not uncommon for them to commit their lives to a cause. They would prefer not to follow a daily routine and feel stagnant if they do not have enough variety in their lives. People born with this number are not opposed to trying new things. They are always up for a challenge and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals. The personality of the one can be aggressive. They feel strongly about their beliefs and opinions. While this may rub people the wrong way, they are loyal friends and fantastic partners.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone one is symbolic of the unbreakable Unity of All that exists. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Oneness. Awaken your Magnetic powers by viewing all beings as part of yourself; by acknowledging the one life that we all share; by connecting with your soul's purpose - moment by moment - and naturally intensifying what you need to support your journey; by allowing yourself to aid the collective by following your heart's purpose; by calling in like-minded people to work together on a shared purpose; by evoking your highest desires and trusting your life's purpose; by effortlessly attracting supporters and resources to aid in your continual unravelling; to acknowledge and accept that there is no separation between you and the boundless abundance of the universe.

Galactic Tone 2: Lunar

Duality, polarity, mystery, charismatic. The God of Earth- Creates a reaction.

This Tone is also known as Duality and is considered the magnetic tone of challenge and polarity. People with this number are often mysterious and deeply connected to the energy of the earth. They can align with their inner guidance system, tapping into energies that others may not be able to hear. They have powerful instincts that may guide them through life, allowing them to avoid any harmful circumstances. Along with this, they also have a very strong intuition.

People gravitate towards Two people thanks to their charisma. They are open and friendly and have an easy time attracting partnerships. When in a relationship, they must find balance. Polarity is a lifelong challenge for two people. They have a powerful spiritual or psychic side to them. They find it difficult to walk the line between the earthly plain and acknowledging the spiritual realm. The key is to find balance. When they can do this, they are capable of manifesting extraordinary achievements.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 2 symbolizes the concept of polarity. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of counterbalance. Tap into your Lunar powers by acknowledging the yin and yang of life as contrasting elements of one Whole; by greeting obstacles as opportunities for growth and strength; by being a messenger of balance; by continually challenging others - encouraging their expansion and growth; by challenging the collective reality; by being aware of the art of positive opposition; by never surrendering your viewpoints despite it not being popular; and yet on the other side of that, being able to make major shifts that offer clarity when you feel moved by your inner knowing; by attempting to unite your inner duality; and steady your inner balance; by acknowledging that challenges are necessary to create new pathways of development.

Galactic Tone 3: Electric

Action, Artistic, Movement, Goddess of Water and Childbirth---ACTIVATES

People born with the number three are restless by nature. They love diversity and will initiate change whenever they feel the need. Movement is at the heart of this number, and they love expressing themselves through some form of movement. They are natural creatives and can't live without dance and music. Art is another creative endeavor they excel in. They prefer to work alone, but they create the whole world.

Three people need to have the freedom to express themselves. They have very scattered energy, so this helps them to focus and be productive. They can sense the moods of others, and they are attuned to their emotions. They are challenged with a constant need to find inner peace, and they often try to help others find harmony as well.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 3 symbolizes both unity and change - mirrored in the many sacred trinities that appear across cultures. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Connectedness. Tap into your inner Electric powers by combing and revitalizing your mind-body-spirit circuit; by allowing the currents of your being to surge into everything you do; by discovering and awakening the passion of your heart's path; by setting creative jolts in motion; by allowing diversity to stimulate your flow of energy; by overcoming polarity and embracing variety; by forming positive bonds; by supporting connections that magnify yours and others abilities to serve life to the fullest; by allowing vitality to seep into your deepest sense of self, for it to guide in serving the greatest good; by sharing your unique gifts with the world around you with happiness; by inspiring others to tap into their dormant potential and share their inner gifts with the collective.

Galactic Tone 4: Self-Existing

Structure, stability, creation of the elements.God of warriors and the sun- Stabilizes

While those with the number three always need to keep moving, the four people are looking to set down roots. They seek foundation and stability, and they will work hard to achieve this. They are grounded in reality and are practical when it comes to their thinking. They set up routines that enable them to have a solid foundation to fall back on - they need to feel secure and protected. They are down to earth and humble individuals. Those born undertone 4 are not natural leaders, but they are devoted supporters of conditions that feel secure and have a solid base. They are willing to work tirelessly to achieve their goals and expect nothing less from those around them. When they have their mindset on something, it's difficult for them to see other viewpoints.

Three people need to have the freedom to express themselves. They have very scattered energy, so this helps them to focus and be productive. They can sense the moods of others, and they are attuned to their emotions. They are challenged with a constant need to find inner peace, and they often try to help others find harmony as well.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 4 represents the concept of measure - mirrored in the four directions, four seasons, four limbs of the human body, four elements, and the four chambers of the human heart. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Structure.

By tapping into your intrinsic nature and respecting the importance of form and definition; by being an alchemist; by being defined by your words and actions; by being a bearer of clarity and focus; by making detailed observations, crucial analysis, and communicating effectively; by following existing frameworks, yet also being innovative with new formats when that's your role; by appreciating accuracy, stability and accountability in yourself and others; by observing the "One Web of Life" in its various forms; by understanding the mental definitions we hold influence our view of the world around us; by recognizing your ability to change shape and transform.

Galactic Tone 5: Overtone

Intelligent, centers, gathers, balance, empowerment. Goddess of Love-Empowers

People with the number 5 energy are curious. They love to question and investigate the world around them, collecting information and arranging it into something productive. They recognize the power that knowledge holds, and they have a desire to accumulate as much of it as they can.

They have a talent for inspiring people and find great joy in doing so. People with the number 5 are organized and have a love for managing projects; they need to ensure that it’s done correctly. They are also the first ones to question a plan if they feel it’s not up to scratch. These characteristics make them perfect for leadership positions. They are intelligent and capable, qualities that allow them to rise to the top fairly quickly.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 5 is symbolic of the invisible center within everything. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of your center. By tapping into your Overtone powers by living an empowered life; by expressing your truths and radiating with authenticity; by assuming control of your path and trusting your inner light; by focusing on the fundamental matter; by revitalizing viewpoints that empower yourself and those around you; by developing a line to your inner core - your fundamental sovereign strength and finesse; by allowing your inner divine authority to be your guidance system; by understanding the sovereignty of each one’s center; by going beyond your sense of self and allowing the universal energies to permeate through you; by being centered within yourself, in the moment, and thus centered at the heart of all that exists.

Galactic Tone 6: Rhythmic

Responsive, improves. The God of Death- CREATES A FLOW.

People born under the number six understand that change is inevitable. Everything has an ending and beginning, and they have learned to embrace this profound knowledge. For them, change is not something to be feared but is something to learn and grow from. They are on a continuous mission to up-level everything in their life. They make excellent negotiators and are receptive to the needs of others.

They are comfortable in positions that need them to take charge. However, they can be very critical of others, even if they don’t mean to be. They are also very critical of themselves. If they find themselves in situations that they never intended to be in, they will scold themselves for ending up there. It’s important to remember that they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 6 is symbolic of creative energy in motion. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Natural Balance. Tap into your pulsating powers by manifesting a steady flow with the rhythm of life; by rearranging your reality to support and nurture you; by respecting the creative process of all endeavors; by learning how to find balance, in each moment, amid the constant change of life; by aligning yourself with the earthly and universal ebb and flow; by respecting your natural timing; by being conscious of how you manage your time throughout your life, attempting to align body and soul; by being a vessel of creative continuity, exploring the balance between work and play, giving and receiving, thought and emotions, by allowing your daily routines and flow to be a natural balance of control and authenticity; by finding magic in the dull areas of life; the goodness in all things and the adventure in each moment.

Tone 7: Resonant

Reflects, maintains, awareness, connection. God of corn---REVEALS

Seven tone people enjoy isolation and quiet. While this may sound awful to six people, those with the number seven are most likely introverts that can spend hours contemplating the mysteries of life by themselves. They are intelligent individuals who spend most of the time with their head in the clouds. They are usually the first to question authority and have a stubborn nature, which is evident when you attempt to change their minds. While their "loner" nature may come across as distant, they are loyal friends who are with someone through thick and thin

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 7 is symbolic of the nature of energetic alignment - represented by the 7 chakras of the human energy body. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of vibration.

Tap into your vibrant powers by aligning with the subtle energies of this moment; by respecting your feelings and energetic perceptions about people and situations; by understanding that we are all vibrant beings - living within this vibrational reality; by perfecting the frequencies you personify and express through your thoughts, words, and actions; by embracing the transcendent powers of the muse, pursuing your natural passion and allowing the inspiration to flow through you to elevate yourself and others; by being a conscious vessel for energy and information; by refining your reality to attract even greater inspiration and soul alignment into your life.

Tone 8: Galactic

Justice, balance, security, change. God of rain: Harmonizes.

People with the number 8 are in a constant state of evolution. If something is not working for them, they are ready to make a change until they have something that does work for them. They are always interested in switching up boundaries.

They are allured by what they feel is new and different, and they are the inventors of the world. This applies to both spiritual beliefs and material elements. Eight people enjoy traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. There is never a dull moment when you get into a relationship with an eight, and you will never feel stagnant.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 8 is symbolic of the intertwined harmony of nature's order. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Oneness. Tap into your Galactic powers by stepping back and viewing life from a larger perspective; by uniting your being with the balance of nature; by nurturing an inner sense of balance and expanding that energy to the world around you; by living your beliefs and bravely showcasing your core values; by staying true to your truth despite outside influences, yet discovering how to agree with the needs of others; by being an envoy of galactic intelligence; by acknowledging that you are one thread in the intricate universal tapestry.

Galactic Tone 9: Solar

Patience, perseverance, completion, leadership, compassion.God of Light—Creates Forward Movement.

Those born under the energy of the nine are natural-born leaders. They are a force to be reckoned with and have deep-rooted beliefs. Perseverance is at the heart of these individuals, as they're only happy when the job is done. They are detail orientated. They prefer to believe that whatever they're doing has a higher purpose or that it's for the greater good.

People with this number may be prone to moodiness and depression. This provides a bit of a contradiction for them. While their personality drives them to complete a project, their melancholy may lead them to feel as though everything is pointless and not worth doing. This number is also associated with patience. They are firm believers in the idea that life is a marathon, not a sprint, and they will do what they can to get to the finish line. When they're in a positive headspace, they are determined to achieve their goals.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 9 is symbolic of the non-linear relationship between physical reality and consciousness. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of your Awakened Mind.

Tap into your Solar powers by comprehending the multidimensional layers of your mind; by utilizing intention to spark and shape manifestations; by understanding that it is your intention behind all words and actions that are the true generator of their effects; by nurturing your abilities to receive and send intuitive and telepathic pulses; by learning to consciously flow from your heart-mind-body connection as a receptor of illumination; by respecting the solar pulses of radiance that we receive from the universe through our Sun; by understanding that our desires and motivations are living, pulsating forces that unravel and manifest our reality, and expand far beyond us.

Galactic Tone 10: Planetary

Manifest, patience, persistence. God of Darkness, Challenges and Manifestation.

Ten is the number of manifestations. People with this number love to create something new for the world. They are masters at taking what is raw and molding it into something valuable and beautiful.

People with this number are magnetic beings. When they have the drive and focus, they will attract anything they need to transform their thoughts and visions into reality. They are not easily deterred from achieving their goals. When this does happen or if they're juggling too many things, they will lose their creative energy and their manifestations will slip through their hands. They make good leaders and would do well to work for themselves.

Ten people are naturally very responsible, but when they lean into the negative aspects of this number they tend to accumulate debt. They need to learn how to find a balance between wanting to succeed and finding practical ways to get what they want.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 10 is symbolic of realization and manifestation. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of realization. Tap into your Cosmic powers by being a manifestor, someone who makes things happen; by combining soul and matter; by supporting personal or collective visions in actualizing; by sensing what elements must be added, removed or processed for it to work together; by continuously aspiring to become the best version of yourself, while understanding that you are already perfect as you are now; by victoriously sharing your gifts with the world; by manifesting your love for life and earth; by recognizing what we all bring to this world - our thoughts, words, and actions - and that this contributes to the collective; by knowing yourself and others as one planetary family - as a vital member of this earthly community

Galactic Tone 11: Spectral

Resolution, facilitates change, transformation, balance.Goddess of Childbirth—Creates clarity and integration.

The number eleven is all about transformation. Similar to a snake outgrowing and shedding its skin, people with this number are great at releasing what no longer serves them and searching for something new. Shedding old habits and thought patterns come easily to them.

Eleven people can sometimes come across as stand-offish, and this can cause friction within their relationships. But they generally get along well with people. While they are masters at clearing the old within themselves, they are also great at helping others to do the same. They are continually searching for balance, and they have a deep desire to balance what's not working for them. They are great physical or emotional healers.

They are working at their best when they are attempting to heal conflict. Eleven people can successfully overcome any obstacles that enter their life when they focus.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 11 is symbolic of the power of creative conclusion and dissonant structure. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Freedom. To tap into your Other-worldly powers by surrendering rigid concepts and precise notions of what should be; by being willing to discover an entire range of possibilities; by letting go of the "spectral flow" unsolicited detours, disruptions, and what appears as chaos; by letting go of structure to make room for new possibilities; by appreciating the constructive forces of deconstruction; by learning to naturally transform; by releasing yourself and others from limiting beliefs; by surrendering to the expanse of formlessness; by freeing your soul; by surrendering your will to the mysteries of the Universe as it slowly reveals itself in every moment.

Galactic Tone 12: Crystal

Understanding, retrospection, love.The God that rules the time just before dawn.

The number twelve is all about new beginnings. It's about transformation and rebirth - the act of stripping away everything you've come to know. It's, therefore, no surprise that people with this number have a certain sadness about them. They are often the ones who are regularly starting new projects or careers, reinventing themselves and starting over.

The twelve-person is capable of retaining what was useful from the old and including it into their new chapter. Because of this, they make great counselors. They can expertly help people pick up the pieces and start over. While they are talented, they love to brag. They can sometimes remain stuck in the past, as they love to replay their past experiences.

When they can focus and stick to a task until it's completed, their creations can reach greatness. They will not do well in a career that doesn't allow them to express themselves creatively.

Keywords you should meditate on:


Tone 12 is symbolic of the concept of complex stability - the solidification of harmonized structure. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of collaboration.

Tap into your Crystal powers by being a vessel of a higher order; by having an extensive vision; by collaborating with your higher self; by producing a web of positive energies; uplifting the wisdom of the circle - intentionally bringing the tribe together; by respecting and appreciating what each person brings to the collective energy; by working together and joining forces to revitalize the causes you believe in; by staying devoted to your deepest calling; by listening to the crystal-clear whispers of your heart; by expressing your earthly wisdom in a way that will be widely received; by expanding the magic of your soul to the Universal collective.

Tone 13: Cosmic

Ascension, authority, intensity, flexibility.The Supreme Deity of Completion.

The number thirteen within the Mayan tradition was very powerful. It represents the highest level of accomplishment. People with the number thirteen are great at wrapping up projects or details, ensuring that everything is in order. They are always interested in refining what they've created. They will keep at it until they're satisfied with the outcome.

People with this number are always getting ready to jump into a new cycle and are in a constant state of up leveling. Their life's journey will be to complete one level after another in an attempt to continually surpass themselves. Thirteen people are usually clairvoyant or psychic.

People of this number need to learn how to be more flexible. Change is a constant element in their life, so they need to realize this. Unfortunately, they can sometimes have a difficult time dealing with this. Not being more adaptable will leave them vulnerable to poor health and periods of depression. Thirteen people are always ready to dive off of the cliff and into something new or take something that they've already created to the next stage.

Keywords you should meditate on:


ENDURANCE - TRANSCENDENCE – PRESENT- PHYSIC Tone 13 is represented by the spiral, which symbolizes the dynamic of movement present in everything and from which everything is constantly changing and enlivened by universal life force. The gift of your cosmic identity is to tap into the power of Omnipresence.

Tap into your Cosmic powers by being a devotee to the present moment; by nurturing your capabilities and to be mindful and receptive to each new now; by stepping beyond the sensible mind and letting yourself think with your ancient heart; by being conscious of your continuity, while still being able to live in the moment; by learning to "ride the spiral," conquering higher levels of being; by permitting your cosmic spirit to carry your through to the endless journeys of trials and victories; by moving passed any fears of the future; by moving beyond regrets of the past; by transcending the limitations of linear time and aligning with the flow of synchronic reality; by acknowledging that we are all evolving children of an every unravelling Universe.

Your Mayan Solar Sign: Imix

Direction: East

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Neptune

Element: Earth

Meaning: Crocodile, Dragon, Waterlily

Compatibility: Crocodile, Serpent, Water, Reed, Earth

Calendar Day: 1

History overview:- The Mayans believed that an ancient crocodile resided in the underworld of the ocean, possessing knowledge of this world. The crocodile served as a connection to the earth. He attempted to bring knowledge of the underworld into the physical realm. The Imix a symbol of the different dimensions and existences and is often associated with madness and insanity.

The Imix is the first day of the Maya calendar. It is also the spirit of rain, with water being a crucial element. On the day of the Imix, the Mayans would pray for rain and water, and that their dreams would be free of madness and filled with wisdom.

The Imix is associated with powerful psychic forces that represent the "other side of reality". These are the dimensions, worlds, or plains of existence that live outside the realm of "normal". The symbol is not only characterized by being able to see and receive messages from these other dimensions but is also associated with mental illness, madness, nervousness, doubt and uncertainty. These are not easy to navigate, making Imix quite a complex day sign. But while this sign often symbolizes madness, it is also associated with cooperation. Envy, distrust, and being closed off are traits that further encompass this complex sign. Thanks to its connection to the water element (ocean and rain), the totems that accompany this symbol are dolphins, whales, fish, crocodiles, or any sea creatures..

As dreams and visions are associated with this day, it`s a day that we should pay particular attention to dreams and the wisdom that they bring. Because this sign has such a strong water connection, spending the day near a body of water will be incredibly valuable. The line between madness and inspiration is often blurred. How do you differentiate between an innovative idea and one that`s crazy? Who decides what is the standard and what is weird? While the Maya used hallucinogens as part of sacred rites - a rite reserved mainly for shamans - the Western world utilizes these "drugs" to disconnect, have fun or escape the pressures of everyday life. They carry no significant or sacred meaning to those who take them.

This is a great time to test the boundaries of your reality, no matter the limitations that you feel they may hold. However, you must make sure you have a solid foundation to keep you steady.

Characteristics:- Those who fall under the Mayan Crocodile sign are emotional, impulsive and determined. They also tend to express their desires and listen carefully to their feelings as they have a strong intuition. They are talented people who bring a fresh perspective into the world, but only if they can learn to cope with their internal contradictions. People who are quick to anger often make mistakes as they succumb to their emotions. However, friendly support and guidance are essential.

People under this sign enjoy a relaxed environment when there are no strict rules or instructions to follow. Creative professions are perfect for them, such as writer, artist, designer or musician. A powerful intuition and a connection to nature allow those under this sign to find inspiration in almost anything. However, a calm environment is crucial to facilitate creativity.

The crocodile is always on a journey of love, as they need to immerse themselves in their passions. Unfortunately, the desire for variety pushes the crocodile into the embrace of a variety of people. The crocodile sees "himself" as a "family man", but he needs a partner that`s caring and tender.

The highest expression:- As a representative of the "other" side of consciousness - the yin or left, the Crocodile can bring a sense of peace or balance between the heart of heaven and the earth beneath the World Tree. Crocodiles end up taking an unusual path towards their soul`s purpose.

The lowest expression:Without the support and guidance of loved ones, they are often prone to mood swings, stubbornness, or violence.

THealth:The balance and support they find will determine their health.

Purpose:Your cosmic gift and identity are to be an envoy for the primal source of life. You are the holder of ancient memory and the elemental forces - earth, air, fire, water - a representative of oneness. Those who form the Imix tribe can be multi-faceted beings of creation and new beginnings. They encapsulate vast potential and the many facets of life - as long as they trust that the Universe has their best interest at heart as it conspires to bring only the best on your behalf.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: IK

Direction: North

Chakra: Heart

Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Meaning: Wind, Air, Spirit, Soul

Compatibility: Wind, Death, Dog, Jaguar, Flint

Calendar Day: 2

History overview:- The second day of the Maya Calendar is referred to as the Ik. The Ik is the spirit of the wind and is responsible for imbuing the Earth with life. The wind was incredibly important to the Mayans, as they believed that the wind could enter the human body and cause disease. In Mayan culture, the wind is often associated with bringing life-giving moisture (rain) and is symbolic of the breath of life.

The wind holds the energy of movement and change. Its patron is the God of Wind, and the symbol is the T-shaped cross.

Characteristics: People of the Wind sign have an unquenchable thirst to change the world for the better. They are often independent and can think without limitations. The wind is associated with change, and it`s often difficult to predict their behaviour and actions. Unfortunately, their impulsiveness may lead to consequences that they may regret.

People with this sign are often determined. They are often excellent communicators, often making great public speakers, musicians or singers. However, a sociable person of this sign can achieve incredible success in any profession they choose.

When it comes to romantic relationships, people of this sign are unreliable partners. Their moods change as swiftly as the wind, and they can often come across as distant or cold. They have a desire to be free and are often in search of new adventures. They value loyalty in their partners, but also need them to be interesting. Similar to the wind, this person can not be held down or tamed. They will find happiness in someone who faithful, putting the interests of an inconsistent partner above their own.

The Mayans would give thanks to all that was sacred and the work of the creator. It`s an excellent day to attempt to cure those with depression and the hatred that exists in the world.

The highest expression:- People with this sign are filled with life and are capable of adapting. They are excellent communicators and make incredible signers, writers or public speakers. They also have telepathic communication and psychic abilities that make them effective healers - psychologists, counselors or politicians are great professions.

The lower expression: -If they are out of alignment, they can be moody and cold when it comes to relationships. They are often impulsive, which can lead them to be dishonest or volatile.

Health:They don`t get sick very often, but when they do, they must learn to be patient with themselves. They can develop self-hatred, which could only exasperate chronic conditions.

Purpose:Your gift and cosmic identity are to be the channel of inspiration and a representative of calm. You are in harmony with the invisible spirit that which brings life. You have the ability to transform from shapeless into shape, to celebrate the connection with nature, to relay your truths, to nurture the art of communication, to hear the voice of the define among the noise of the world, to let go of the logical mind and express inspiration as they whirl blow through your life.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Akbal

Direction: West

Chakra: Solar-Plexus

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Meaning: Night, Darkness, Dawn, Sleep

Compatibility: Night, Deer, Monkey, Phoenix, Storm

Calendar Day: 3

History overview:- Dawn is the third day of the Mayan calendar, but it`s also referred to as Akbal - the father of the earth and guardian of caves. He was also known as the guardian of the dawn - when the night becomes day. It was during this time that dreams became easier for the Mayans. Dawn was also incredibly important to the Mayans, as they believed that people of the Dawn were responsible for maintaining tradition and keeping things in place. Along with the dawn, Aknal is also associated with balance and abundance.

The ancient Mayans believed that wisdom could only be found when facing your internal demons (fears). It is only after journeying to your "place of darkness" and experiencing a spiritual death, that you can be reborn. Akbal is a sign of the highest wisdom and represents the desire for renewal and spiritual rebirth.

Sun Characteristics: People of the Dawn spend their lives grappling with their inner fears or "demons" to achieve harmony. They have a strong imagination, and often find comfort in their fantasies and dreams. They hide their emotions carefully, but they are often profoundly affected by criticism, which they do their best to hide.

People under this sign are hard workers who are determined to achieve their goals, throwing themselves into the work they do. Through this, they are often able to achieve extraordinary success in their careers. They are independent leaders who are considered excellent leaders. They can successfully solve financial problems and maintain good rapport with employees.

When it comes to love, no person`s more faithful and dependable than someone under this sign. Once they tap into their intuition, they are capable of sensing the anxieties and sadness of their partners. However, don`t lie to someone under this sign, as they seek only devotion from their partner and are extremely sensitive to those that attempt to hurt them. Their sensitivity makes it difficult for them to trust someone. Therefore, they need a partner who is reliable and faithful.

The highest expression:People of the Dawn are early risers and usually have a cheerful disposition. They are also quite optimistic, and this energy makes people around them feel enthusiastic and alive. They are natural-born leaders and problem solvers. They love to travel and spend time with friends. They are heartfelt and soulful lovers.

The lower expression: They can be quite sensitive, which can make their usually positive attitude turn sour. This can usually throw them into a depression and feelings of self-doubt.

Health:The positive attitude usually associated with People of the Dawn enables them to have very few conditions. Temporary conditions may arise, such as fevers, aches or pains. They will need to learn to manage their energy, as they are usually quite candid.

Purpose:Your gift and cosmic identity are to be a conscious dreamer, someone who turns inward, a believer in your intuition, and a representative of abundance. You can reside within yourself, receiving and listening to the incredible mysteries within. You embrace the darkness of night and meet with the inner realms. You awaken from the collective spell of greed and scarcity by being a conduit for gratitude and generosity. You invite each one of us to celebrate ourselves as the descendants of nature`s unbridled abundance.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign Is: K’an

Direction: South

Chakra: Root

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Meaning: Lizard, Seed

Compatibility: Lizard, Star, Road, Sun, Vulture

Calendar Day: 4

History overview:- The fourth Day Sign is known as Lizard or K`an - the creator of the universe. It is connected to abundance and fertility. The lizard is symbolic of growing maize and was a sign of the harvest ripening. Rituals were held during the summer as a way to call on the forces of nature.

Sun Characteristics:People who fall under the sign of the Lizard have enough perseverance and strength to remain firm when difficulties arise. However, there is one incredible quality that they possess - observation. They do not shy away from being in the spotlight. People under this sign refuse to have their head in the clouds, choosing instead to stay grounded and solve problems. They will gladly help family, providing financial support or knowledge if needed.

Practicality and diligence are both qualities that lead a person under this sign to success and prosperity. They are capable of making good deals and make excellent businessman or politicians. However, they are prone to jealousy, envy and anger. People under this sign will need to learn how to reel in their emotions; only then will they be able to fulfil their mission - making the world a better place.

When it comes to love, the sign of the Lizard is always on the lookout for the ideal relationship. They carefully guard their space from outside forces. Unfortunately, they are prone to jealousy and may feel anguish if attention is not directed towards them. They hide their emotions and would prefer to appear strong rather than be vulnerable and look weak. For them, what`s inside a person is more important than how they look.

The highest expression:They are often incredibly sociable, intellectual, detail-orientated and organized. They have a lot of sexual and creative energy that they can channel positively. They enjoy the material comforts of life and have the natural ability to obtain material wealth.

The lowest expression: When they are passionate about something, they often become obsessed. They often stay in relationships that no longer serve them, hanging on for dear life. They have an unhealthy habit of hoarding material items they are attached to.

Health:: High-stress and poor self-care may cause disease.

Purpose:Your gift and cosmic identity is to be a flourishing seed of life, a representative of endless possibilities, and an instrument of creative consistency. You have the capacity to serve the budding of human consciousness, to confirm that our shared destiny is to grow, to tend to your inner garden, cleaning out the weeds and energies that no longer serve you, allowing space for your aspirations to grow, to align with the fertile power of the earth - to be the fruit and the flower!

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Chickchan

Direction: East

Chakra: Crown

Planet: Maldek (Asteroid Belt)

Element: Earth

Meaning: Serpent, Heaven, Bird of Heaven

Compatibility: Serpent, Water, Reed, Earth, Crocodile

Calendar Day: 5

History overview:-The fifth day of the Mayan Zodiac is the serpent, or otherwise known as the Chiccan. In the Maya culture, the serpent is associated with the divine and visions. The serpent was also the bringer of rain and is symbolic of the bridge between man and heavenly forces.

It was believed that the Chiccan encircled the world: the face is directed towards heaven, while the tail is the entrance to the underworld. The serpent also symbolized the life force that moves through the body. This is a powerful force that`s contained at the base of the spine. In today`s culture, it is called the Kundalini in the yoga tradition.

The Mayans viewed the serpent as a powerful transformative force that has the potential to imbue human enlightenment. It is pictured as a feathered serpent - the feathers represent heaven, and the serpent represents earth. It is God - supreme consciousness - named Quetzalcoatl.

Characteristics:The sign of the Serpent holds magical powers, and is known to have a powerful intuition. People under this sign are perceived to be calm, but there is usually a storm brewing beneath the surface. They prefer not to waste their time on trivial matters, and they have a strong belief in their purpose. They often have a difficult, but eventful lives.

They have an air of mystery about them that makes it hard for people to get to know them. Their calm exterior usually gives way to aggressive outbursts. When they put their minds to something they care about, they are capable of achieving great things. However, they will not engage with something if they don`t find it interesting. They thrive in creative environments that lack schedules.

When it comes to love, they are emotional and passionate people. They want more than anything to own the heart of their partner. They are masters at building strong relationships, and their goal is to create family bonds. When it comes to those they deeply love and care about, they will gladly sacrifice their career or the most successful business.

The highest expression:People under this sign are pulled towards topics that revolve around spiritual transformation and the inner workings of the mind. They are often determined when they put their minds to something and are generally quite charismatic.

The lowest expression: They are deeply affected by their emotions. If an imbalance is created due to them, this can often lead to depression. They need to try and relax and not be so self-critical. They are not comfortable with who they are and need to build their self-esteem. Grounding is key to ensuring that they remain steady, avoiding any unnecessary stress.

Health:Their strength keeps them happy and healthy. However, if they give in to a diminished sense of self; they may fall victim to chronic issues.

Purpose:The gift of their cosmic identity is to be an agent of life - a representative of infinite wisdom, a vessel of consciousness, and an expression of creativity. As a Red Serpent, you have the ability to honour yourself as a creature of the earth, unlocking your enthusiasm and passion, sensing when to trust your intuition or rely on your intellect, to experience the body as a vessel for the soul, to learn to hoist your kundalini life force from the base of your spine through all your body`s chakra`s and transform into a "rainbow feathered serpent", to ground the universe within your cells.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Kimi

Direction: North

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Mars

Element: Air

Meaning: Death, Transformation

Compatibility: Death, Dog, Jaguar, Flint, Wind

Calendar Day: 6

History overview:The sixth day of the Mayan calendar is known as the Kimi or representative of Death. The Mayans believed that this was a lucky day to be born, as Kimi is the symbol of reincarnation and rebirth. In Mayan culture, Death was not something to be feared, but was a way to acquire peace and easiness - Kimi represents this.

Kimi is also referred to as the Worldbridger or Transformer. It is a sign of inner strength and harmony. The Mayans believed that death was a process of being reborn, a stage that`s entered to achieve a higher level of development. This energy represents the great cycle - birth, life, death, reincarnation, and back to life. This is the essence of human existence - the certainty of life contrasted with the mysteries of death and beyond.

The Mayans viewed the serpent as a powerful transformative force that has the potential to imbue human enlightenment. It is pictured as a feathered serpent - the feathers represent heaven, and the serpent represents earth. It is God - supreme consciousness - named Quetzalcoatl.

Characteristics:People of this day have a strong connection to the universe and have the ability to see unseen things. They are filled with strength, intelligence and focus. They are trustworthy, an aspect that attracts others to them. This is also a great day to prepare or make changes.

They are usually well-mannered and patient but attempt no to show their stubborn side. They are natural diplomats who can communicate their thoughts with people quite easily. They are determined to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. They go out of their way to try and help others, which can lead them to over-exert themselves, which in turn leaves them feeling resentful to those that they are trying to help.

They are sensitive and natural leaders, skilfully leading those around them to success. While they have a desire to achieve success, they will not cheat to get there and are honest in the way they approach things. People of the Dead have a strong intuition that they often listen to, and they have an interest in expanding their consciousness, gravitating towards philosophy and spirituality.

When it comes to romance, the people under this sign are faithful partners. They strive for long-lasting relationships and do not enjoy the fleeting pleasures of romance. Thoughtful and attentive are perfect words to describe people of the Dead. However, they do tend to be overbearing when they are moved to help their loved ones. They often resist change which can bring them suffering. They need to learn how to embrace new ways of doing things.

The highest expression:A person born on the day of Death is strong, intelligent, and has profound moving energy. This person has a strong and clear connection with the universe, especially to their ancestors. Often, those with power and wealth will gravitate to this energy, trusting them, allowing them to take on a leadership role that will benefit the collective and themselves. Traveling is something that feeds this person`s soul.

The lowest expression: If they refuse to acknowledge their powerful gifts, they may lose power. Experiencing extreme mood swings and anger will not be uncommon.

Health:People under this sign are wise but are prone to sickness or injury. They need to focus on strengthening themselves to avoid getting hurt.

Purpose:The gift and comic identity of these people is to be interdimensional - a bridge between what is seen and unseen - an envoy of objectivity and the vessel of cyclic change. You can interweave realities, to go beyond beliefs of limitation, to surrender what no longer serves, to let go of attachments, allowing incredible new phases to emerge. You have the capacity to live in the present and live each moment to the fullest, to contemplate the wisdom of impermanence, to view our collective mortality as harmony and balance, each one of us a thread that weaves ourselves into the ageless tapestry of the Universe, carrying an eternity of life in our cells, DNA and consciousness.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Manik’

Direction: West

Chakra: Heart

Planet: Earth

Element: Water

Meaning: Deer, Healing Hand

Compatibility: Deer, Monkey, Eagle, Storm, Night

Calendar Day: 7

History overview:The seventh day of the Mayan calendar is known as Manik, and is represented by the protector deer god - Tohill. This god is known for hunting, something that was important within the Mayan culture. The deer is symbolic of the hunter and the prey and is a sign of the unceasing cycle of life and death.

The Gods of the hunt were often depicted with scorpion tails that end with a hand. In various Mayan myths, the deer and the hunter are the same - they are not enemies. They are both apart of the cycle of birth and death. The Deer is a symbol of the sacred flow of life, to which all living things must heed.

Characteristics:Just like the deer, people under this sign love their freedom and space. They are independent beings who do not seek advice. They trust their intuition and rely entirely on their gut feeling, refusing to give any logical explanation for their actions or thoughts. When an imbalance occurs, they tend to favor vanity, pride and ego. These are qualities that need to be addressed through really paying attention to their actions.

They often rely on luck and perseverance to achieve their success. People under this sign are natural creatives and would make excellent artists, designers, or an art critic. Because they appreciate their freedom, they do not force themselves to engage in things that they find uninteresting.

When it comes to love, they are prone to falling in love quite easily and will try everything to make the relationship work, even if it is hanging on by a thread. They need to feel like they are the most important and loved person in your world. Unfortunately, this does make them prone to jealousy and suspicion. Honesty is vital to them, as they are easily hurt by those that lie to them.

The highest expression:People of the Deer possess leadership qualities and are excellent role models for those with less discipline. They are intelligent and articulate, and fully aware that they`re amazing protectors. Because of this, they make good advocates, counselors, and partners in business and marriage. They stand for all that is balanced and good and help others to see the same. They have a sense of clarity when it comes to standing for the right thing.

The lowest expression: People of the Deer often suffer from frustration as no one can live up to their standards. They are great at defending others, but not themselves. If the peace they display on the outside is not embraced within, they may become angry, demanding and heartless.

Health:They have strength and endurance, but they need to ensure that they align internally with what they portray externally. If not, they may be prone to illness and become weak.

Purpose:Your gift and cosmic identity is to be the vehicle of intrinsic knowing - a wielder of worldly and mystical power - a representative of healing forces and compassionate perception, a creator of a new world. As a Manik’, you have the ability to be a portal of healing, to activate the power of your hands and use them as tools of blessing, creativity, and realization. You have the capacity to contribute your skills to achieve collective well-being, to express deep knowing through your gifts, to become a master of your craft, to connect with the many dimensions of healing that come from sources beyond the physical plain, to find the deep healing that can be achieved through the integrity of your intentions and heart-cantered presence.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Lamat

Direction: South

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Planet: Venus

Element: Fire

Meaning:Star, Moon, Rabbit, Seed, Venus

Compatibility: Star, Road, Vulture, Sun, Lizard

Calendar Day: 8

History overview:The eighth day of the Mayan calendar is the Rabbit, also known as Lamat. The Rabbit is the symbol of fertility, abundance and new beginnings. Lamat is connected with the planet Venus, and the Mayans associated Venus with death and rebirth. Therefore, it is a sign of transformation and the changes of life.

Ancient Maya was considered the incarnation of Venus through the God Lakhunchan, a god who creates chaos in a drunken frenzy. This drunken state is associated with the symbol of the Rabbit, who the Mayans connect with the Moon. Mayans also believed that Rabbit could create life`s blessings, and he is the symbol of abundance. The sign also symbolizes the maturing and the successful completion of cycles.

Much of Mesoamerica believed that humanity came from the stars. Therefore, this energy is creation itself - a seed that sprouts to life with new ideas that are uninhibited by limitations. There is a deep sense of renewal and rebirth associated with this energy. This sign has a significant meaning to the ancient Mayans, as pregnancies were often planned so that kings and queens would be born on Seed days.

Characteristics:People born under this sign often seek the shortcuts to bypass the difficulties and failures that life brings. They are hard-working, active individuals that don`t enjoy sitting still and doing nothing. They clearly define their goals and attempt to figure out the quickest way to get there. They relish a life of peace and abundance.

Perseverance is at the heart of those under this sign; they do no admit that their idea is a failure until they have done everything they can. They have a desire to provide their family and loved ones with a decent life, a trait that ensures that they continue to work hard. It`s essential that they feel indispensable and superior. Because they are on a constant quest for stimulation and work hard, they will be successful and wealthy.

When it comes to romantic relationships, they seek out unforgettable sensations. They hate to feel bored, and partners who do not stimulate them will leave them feeling suffocated. They have an independent nature and love their freedom, and they are not in a hurry to be tied down. However, when they do find the right partner, they will instantly become a sensitive and caring partner.

The highest expression: They are physically energetic and have incredible mental power. They`re filled with life, love and ideas. They love travelling and adventure. Their job is to turn inward so that they can integrate their experiences and manifest this into wisdom that serves their judgment and success.

The lowest expression: They can sometimes be too competitive and arrogant. Unfortunately, this may lead people under this sign to gossip, which will cause them to lose the trust of those around them.

Health:It`s not unusual for people of the Seed to get sick, especially if they are attempting to nurture their inner spirit and personal needs.

Purpose:Your cosmic gift and identity is to be an envoy of harmony - a vessel of beautification - a witness to natur`s magnificence, and a messenger of refinement and wholeness. As a Lamat, you have the ability to shine; intentionally brightening your environment with your inner light, to see the beauty and marvel of nature`s creations, to recognize every facet of our world as an opportunity for deep spiritual interaction, to carve your reality with intention, acknowledging every thought, word and action as it colors the canvas of your life.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Muluk

Direction: East

Chakra: Root

Planet: Mercury

Element: Earth

Meaning: Water, Rain, Offering

Compatibility: Water, Reed, Earth, Crocodile, Serpent

Calendar Day: 9

History overview:The sign of the Water is the ninth day of the Mayan Calendar; it`s also referred to as Muluk. It is also symbolic of stock and retribution. The Mayans believed that the energy of rain collects in special pots that are protected by the entourage of the God Chaak - the rain god. Thunderstorms are a result of these pots bursting. The Mayan Indians believed that jade and water were a symbol of the life force.

The word Muluk also means Offerings. It represents sacrifice and paying off your past debts to the Universe for the gifts we have received. For the Mayans, blood was the most powerful of all offerings as it highlights sincerity.

Characteristics:People under this sign are blessed with internal resourcefulness, courage, and will; making it easier for them to overcome the challenges of life. They have a passion for material possessions and have a desire to own as much as possible. Unfortunately, this does mean they tend to spend money on unnecessary things. Water is often a symbol of emotions, and people under this sign have emotions that run deep.

They are naturally creative beings and strive to let the world know about their talent. People under this sign are usually famous artists, actors, or presenters. When they are attempting to achieve their goals, they show their best qualities - perseverance and diligence. They have such a strong desire to achieve their goals that food and sleep is not a priority. Unfortunately, this does make them vulnerable to issues related to their lifestyle choices. When they are not attempting to achieve their goals, they are naturally quite easy-going people. Relaxation comes easily to them.

When it comes to romantic relationships, they are only willing to commit when they find their special person. They tend to surrender themselves to their relationships. When they are in committed relationships, they will draw strength and inspiration from their partner, which inevitably helps them to achieve their goals.

The highest expression: They are often natural-born leaders and have immense emotional intelligence. With this, they have the capacity to counsel and support their family and friends when problems arise. They are caring, sensitive and ethical. They are willing to fight for their passions and what they believe. Their actions often earn the respect of those around them.

The lowest expression: They have a strong want to fight the battles of others, but this often depletes their energy reserves. Their positive demeanour shifts, focusing only on the negative aspects. If provoked, they may allow their emotions to control them. They tend to escape through addiction, such as drugs, gambling and drinking.

Health:They need to take special care of their physical health as they are prone to sickness. The causes that they fight for tend to exhaust and wear them down, which often leads to disease

Purpose:Your cosmic identity and gift is to be a soulful surfer of the constantly changing waves that life has to offer - a lantern of self-remembrance - and an expansive vessel of feeling and mystery. As a Muluk, you have the agency to be a gateway of awakened consciousness; to be the receiver and sender of subtle communications; reading the waves of signs and signals; to possess the raw power of nature`s energetic forces; to honor the opportunity for the rebirth that`s ingrained within the moment; to be a drop of universal rain that blesses the world.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Oc (Ok)

Direction: North

Chakra: Crown

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Meaning: Dog

Compatibility: Dog, Jaguar, Flint, Wind, Death

Calendar Day: 10

History overview:The tenth day of the Mayan calendar is known as the Oc or the Dog. It is an assistant, adviser, and a symbol of new beginnings. In ancient Mayan mythology, Dog carries a torch that guides humans on their journey through the depths of the Underworld. Therefore, it is a symbol of companionship, guidance, commitment and loyalty. The literal translation for this sign is door or gateway. Not only is Dog our companion through the Underworld, but he is also our guide through the darkness.

Oc is also a symbol of the law - both human and divine law. For the Mayans, law and order were important. Therefore, it is the energy behind justice and the power to obey what`s right. However, he is also a trickster. It is an energy that teaches us how to play and have fun but also causes us to land into trouble sometimes.

Everyone can employ the energy of Oc, using its courage to bring faith and hope when they find darkness and despair along the journey. The energy of Oc can open portals, and the strength to remove negative energy through the power of thought.

Characteristics:Similar to that of a dog, people under this sign are fiercely loyal. They enjoy experiencing new things and places but try not to stray too far from what they already know. They are simultaneously sensitive, courageous and spontaneous people. They work well within a community and make excellent leaders, advisers and advocates.

People of this sign have a strong sense of justice and discipline, which is motivated by their feelings of faith. Therefore, they have a strong sense of faith. Routine and structure are two things that a person under this sign hates. Therefore; they will not do well as an office employee. They are in their element when they are using their creativity and should choose a profession within the arts. They will also make good leaders as they can show their emotions to their employees. They are also fiercely honest and strive to get the best from life.

When it comes to love, they have strong emotions. They are naturally romantic people and enjoying showing their partner how much they love them through gifts and romantic dates. However, they are also prone to jealousy and suspicion. They are very protective of those that they love and will do anything to protect their peace. They are family-orientated and do their best to create a life that`s comfortable for the ones they love. They tend to indulge in sensual pleasures, but they must learn to reel in their emotions and desires.

The highest expression: People under this sign are straightforward, sensitive, courageous, and decisive. They have high standards, but their actions are predictable. They find comfort in order and structure and do well when their life is organized. They have an analytical mind and are very intelligent, making them excellent leaders, advisers and advocates.

The lowest expression: If they are out of alignment with their positive aspects, they may come across as lazy and sensitive. They may find it difficult to get along with others due to their short-sightedness, and their "my way is best" attitude. They tend to be flashy and manipulative. If they are out of balance, they may be sexually promiscuous.

Health:They have strong emotions and can become emotionally unbalanced. This may lead to a sense of confusion and insecurity. An imbalance may also lead to addiction and an early grave. It will be a long and arduous journey to healing, but they do have the power to break the vicious cycle.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:

Purpose:Your cosmic gift and identity are to be an envoy of the "one heart" - a truth seeker and truth-teller - a conscious explorer of emotional arenas - an archetype of self-love, acceptance, loyalty, faithful friendships and relationships. As an Oc (Dog) you have the ability to learn how to let your heart guide you through life`s journey, to have sensitivity towards humanity, to be the voice of universal love, to be the servant and leader in your community, to bring together the thrives to enable them to transform and flourish, to radiate the authenticity and light of your deep heart.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Chuwen

Direction: West

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Meaning: Monkey, Master

Compatibility: Monkey, Eagle, Storm, Night, Deer

Calendar Day: 11

History overview:The eleventh day of the Mayan calendar is known as the Monkey or Chuwen. In Mayan tradition, Chuwen is the god of creation and is a symbol of life and destiny.

The new year of the sacred calendar is called Wajxaqib ‘B’atz and is the day that humans were created. It was often celebrated on 8 ‘B’atz, as eight was considered a powerful number during ceremonies. Day keepers were initiated on this day, and prayers and petitions are required.

In various Mayan myths, there are twin brothers: Monkey and Craftsman. They are both talented brothers that are masters of the arts. Therefore, the Monkey sign is representative of creative craftsmanship and spiritual strength. Despite the negative traits of these characters - envy, selfishness, and envy - the Monkey is a day of happiness and is a sign of luck.

Characteristics:The Monkey is an important sign, as it serves as the weaver of time and the bearer of consciousness that helps souls connect through time and space. People under this sign are not shy when it comes to attention. People gravitate towards them due to their cheerful disposition and inner light. The Universe has blessed them with talents, but they often don't utilize these gifts the way they should. They are prone to narcissism and may pat themselves on the back a bit too much. One of the most valuable treasures people under this sign receive is luck; they are made for a life that's filled with happiness. They do not need to work too hard or overcome too many obstacles - their desires are easily satisfied.

They are masters of the arts and are natural - singers, musicians, actors and artists. They have no limitations or barriers and are drawn to plenty of activities. They are often self-absorbed and may think they are more important than they are. This may cause them to neglect their duties and put in as little effort as possible. However, despite their natural luck, they still need to put in the work.

When it comes to love, they are inspired by this emotion. And it is during this period of love that they will experience a swell of inspiration and creativity. They are tender, sensual and loyal when it comes to the ones that they love. They are natural romantics and immerse themselves into a relationship with gusto. Thanks to luck, they often choose the perfect partners whose marriage lasts for years. However, jealousy and resentfulness are negative qualities that they possess, which often rears its head when they feel slighted.

The highest expression: They are often incredibly creative and intelligent people. They have the gift to motivate others and themselves and enjoy spreading their optimism. They are natural-born leaders and enjoy leading or being independent.

Their self-confidence allows them to flourish in their chosen careers, and an excellent choice would be to nurture their artistic and business talents. Monkeys are tricksters, allowing them to have a good sense of humor. They are quite serious when it comes to how others see them, and they can be quite spiteful in how they present themselves.

The lowest expression: People with this sign can sometimes be unfocused. Similar to a monkey who jumps from branch to branch, their thoughts are scattered. They have trouble solving their problems and need to learn to be patient. They have strong personalities, which often overshadows their natural gifts. They need to move away from focusing on the small details and focus on the bigger picture instead.

Health:They have good health, but become sick when they are careless about their lifestyle choices. They need to learn the art of focus to help them eat well and take care of themselves.

Purpose:Your cosmic gift and identity are to be a playful and wise mystical weaver - a sacred trickster - an innovative artist, one who finds the magic in the humdrum. As a monkey, you have the ability to be quick-witted yet light-hearted, to be a student and teacher of the curious play of existence, to pierce through the illusions of this world, to construct, dismantle, smile, and outwit your through the tests of life; to have a child-like curiosity, revitalizing the incredible and healing powers of spontaneity, happiness and wonder to raise and enlighten; to be the representative of "cosmo-rama."

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Eb

Direction: South-Ripens

Chakra: Heart

Planet: Earth

Element: Fire

Meaning: Path, Road, Skull, Teeth

Compatibility: Road, Vulture, Sun, Lizard, Star

Calendar Day: 12

History overview:Eb is the twelfth day in the Mayan Calendar. It is also known as Grass or Road. In Mayan mythology, Eb was a staircase that reached from heaven to Earth. Walking this path symbolized the road of life and the journey that we all must take. It`s a representation of general order and harmony.

Along with harmony and order, Grass is symbolic of vital energy. Without this, it`s impossible to move along the Road of Life. Eb is the most intriguing sign, as it blends contrasting symbols. Ultimately, it represents the idea of general order.

Characteristics: People of the Road are calm and organized. They are determined to stay on the road they`ve created for themselves. They are logical individuals that can become overwhelmed by the endless motion of their minds. They have a deep well of emotions and are sensitive people. While they are quite competitive, they get hurt easily through rejection or losing. They have a caring nature, and they stand for what they believe in. People of this day are brave and warriors of Justice.

Thanks to their organizational skills and ingenuity, they make excellent leaders and managers. They can create a successful enterprise or lead an organization with integrity and decency.

When it comes to love, people of the Road sign daydream of relationships filled with love and harmony. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and can leave them disappointed. They tend to be resentful when they are influenced by their negative emotions, which can lead to unfaithfulness and short-term romances. When they are balanced, they are family-orientated and enjoy spending time with those around them.

The highest expression: : People under this sign are willing to lead by example, and are hardworking and friendly individuals. While they are hardworking, they tend to have quite a laid-back personality, preferring to enjoy a peaceful environment. They may become spiritual guides, midwives or ceremonial leaders. They are emotionally intelligent and view experiences as the best teacher to understanding life. While it may take a while for them to getting going when goals are concerned, they are courageous and willing to take risks to stay on the road.

Their self-confidence allows them to flourish in their chosen careers, and an excellent choice would be to nurture their artistic and business talents. Monkeys are tricksters, allowing them to have a good sense of humor. They are quite serious when it comes to how others see them, and they can be quite spiteful in how they present themselves.

The lowest expression: They tend to work too much and wear themselves down. Their laid-back nature may lead them into unsafe conditions, while their inability to make decisions may place them in hot water. They’re not above using manipulation.

Health:People under this sign are usually strong and healthy, but they are pone to accidents and illness if their feelings are out of balance.

Purpose:The gift of your cosmic identity is to show the way - a supreme cultural representative - a cosmic vibratory root - a well of ancestral knowledge. You have the capacity to hold wisdom, to be a vehicle of the higher mind; to initiate our powers of self-reflection and conscious choice; to inspire positive change; to inspire humanity to align their free will with their wisdom; to be the diligent being you wish to see in the world; to celebrate the sanctity of our human spirit, admiring the wholeness in our diversity.

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Your Mayan Solar Sign: Ben

Direction: East

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Planet: Mars

Element: Earth

Meaning: Corn, Reed, Tree

Compatibility: Reed, Earth, Crocodile, Serpent, Water

Calendar Day: 13

History overview:Ben is the thirteenth day of the Mayan Calendar. It is also known as Reed and is often associated with the World Tree. Within the Mayan tradition, the World Tree is the center of the Universe and the source of inner strength. According to the Mayans, the destiny of man is dependent on the strength of his spirit. Therefore, Reed is associated with purposefulness, development and abundance.

Along with harmony and order, Grass is symbolic of vital energy. Without this, it`s impossible to move along the Road of Life. Eb is the most intriguing sign, as it blends contrasting symbols. Ultimately, it represents the idea of general order.

Characteristics: In Mayan myths, the feathered Serpent - Quetzalcoatl - would return to humanity in the year one Reed. According to the ancient story, he was a spiritual leader who championed the replacement of human sacrifice with flowers, songs and meditation. Quetzalcoatl erected a pillar in the “Place of Reed - Tula - which represented the World Tree as the energy channel between heaven and earth.

Similar to the pillar, Reed energy is the channel of light energy on a spiritual level. It symbolizes the continual connection with the dimensions that exist beyond this plain. This energy brings out the best in us, especially the passions we truly believe. As they begin their campaign for change, people are instantly attracted to those born on this day. This is thanks to their clear vision of wanting to change the world for the better.

Ben`s are comfortable with being in authoritative positions, and their natural leadership abilities make them confident, strong and ambitious. They are the energy connectors between heaven and earth and develop strong connections with others. They are determined to achieve the goals they`ve set out - no matter what, they will find away. While they may come across as rigid due to their ambitious nature, they value their freedom and desires.

They are modest in the way they live their daily lives, but they can`t stand monotony. They are explorers in their own right and enjoy traveling and discovering new and exciting places. Thanks to their leadership abilities, they make excellent business people and do well as supervisors or managers. They need to choose a profession that allows them to showcase their best qualities of observation, diligence, and dedication. To achieve a successful career, they are willing to sacrifice their happiness.

Within the Mayan tradition, the sign of the Reed is a day of happiness, offering success and prosperity. They are quite lucky when it comes to romance. They are tender and adaptable partners, but they expect the same in return. Ben`s need to know that their partner`s care about them. They want to be the most important aspect of your life. They need your full attention and plenty of surprises.

The highest expression: The security of home and family are at the heart of people under this sign. They have a strong foundation, which enables people around them to feel comfortable and trust them. They are goal-orientated and will do anything to achieve their goals. You`ll find them in nature, as they have a deep appreciation for the sanctity and wonder of nature.

Their self-confidence allows them to flourish in their chosen careers, and an excellent choice would be to nurture their artistic and business talents. Monkeys are tricksters, allowing them to have a good sense of humor. They are quite serious when it comes to how others see them, and they can be quite spiteful in how they present themselves.

The lowest expression: If they are imbalanced they may find themselves reliant on their family or overworked, which can lead to depression. A Reed person can be overly-ambitious and seek to prove that they are the best at everything that they do. This can lead others to keep their distance, which can make it difficult for them to establish intimate relationships.

Health: They have a strong connection to the earth, and would do well to live near hills, plains or mountains. This will serve as a reminder of the energy that created and nourishes them; otherwise, they will be vulnerable to physical and mental ailments.

Purpose:The gift of your cosmic identity is to be a heavenly conduit - an explorer in consciousness - a prophetic messenger. You have the ability to be a pillar that connects the heavens and earth; to grow deep roots and activate broad antennas; to soar in the expanse of imagination while remaining rooted to reality; to discover trust in the unseen and the unknown; to journey beyond the edges of growth; to hold space for collective compassion; to be the awakening representative of the "divine descent" - to bravely move beyond the status quo; to be the explorer of space both within and outer.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: I’x

Direction: North-Refines

Chakra: Root

Planet: Maldek

Element: Air

Meaning: Jaguar, Wizard

Compatibility:Reed, Earth, Crocodile, Serpent, Water

Calendar Day: 14

History overview:The jaguar is the fourteenth day in the Mayan calendar. It is also known by the name Ix r Wizard. The jaguar formed a crucial part of the Mayan tradition and was considered a sacred symbol. It is also associated with feminine energy, wisdom, and life. The jaguar is the queen of the jungle and holds mysterious but powerful energy. Because feminine energy has such a strong influence on this day, it is the ideal time to appreciate the work of women. Within the Mayan tradition, this was also the perfect day to pray for the lives of animals, good harvest and to receive wisdom from the ancestors.

Characteristics: People born under the Jaguar sign are natural artists that are passionate about their work. They are charismatic and alluring, which allows them to attract many friends. Jaguars within Mayan legends are said to have supernatural abilities. Within our world today, this translates to having a strong intuition and a connection to their ancestors. Jaguars are deeply spiritual beings and have a strong connection to the earth.

One of the challenges that Jaguars face is communication. They are also independent and need their own space to remain healthy and strong. Intuition, cunning and intelligence are all traits that the Universe has gifted them, which allows them to avoid obstacles cleverly. They are "hunters", and they use this role to set objectives and goals that they are determined to achieve. The spoils for their hard work is wealth, a successful career, and a strong family. They have a razor-sharp mind, and people around them are captivated by their ideas.

They work best when they are given work that stimulates them mentally, although they are also physically strong and would do well as soldiers or hunters. However, they will find success in whatever they do if they lean on their natural Jaguar qualities. While they are generally analytical, they have a creative side that they would do well to nurture, perhaps through a creative hobby.

They are modest in the way they live their daily lives, but they can`t stand monotony. They are explorers in their own right and enjoy traveling and discovering new and exciting places. Thanks to their leadership abilities, they make excellent business people and do well as supervisors or managers. They need to choose a profession that allows them to showcase their best qualities of observation, diligence, and dedication. To achieve a successful career, they are willing to sacrifice their happiness.

When it comes to romance, people of the Jaguar sign tend to move on quickly. Their vibrant personality tends to exist within a rigid framework, which can sometimes manifest as selfishness, narcissism or being demanding. A deep connection with their partner will be able to reel them in, allowing them to feel secure and tender. They need to learn the art of surrender, along with understanding the needs and feelings of their partner.

The highest expression: People under this sign are intelligent, and have the potential to be scientists, philosophers, or highly skilled artists. They have a strong connection to their ancestors and have access to the wisdom that these dimensions hold. They have a love for people and enjoy being around them, making them quite popular. Their feline energy makes them strong, agile, mysterious and crafty.

Their self-confidence allows them to flourish in their chosen careers, and an excellent choice would be to nurture their artistic and business talents. Monkeys are tricksters, allowing them to have a good sense of humor. They are quite serious when it comes to how others see them, and they can be quite spiteful in how they present themselves.

The lowest expression: Jaguars who don`t accept their connection to the spirit world become depressed, irritable, and vulnerable to jealousy and arrogance. When they lean into their destructive aspects, they tend to be angry, mean and vain.

Health:They have a strong connection to the earth, and would do well to live near hills, plains or mountains. This will serve as a reminder of the energy that created and nourishes them; otherwise, they will be vulnerable to physical and mental ailments.

PurposeThe gift of your cosmic identity is to be a representative of multidimensional magic - a responsive channel - the harmonizer of mind-body-heart. As a wizard, you have the capacity to reveal the authentically mystical, to be a luminous spell-caster, conscious of the power of thoughts and beliefs when manifesting realities; to captivate the world with your inner light; to employ love and knowledge through the power of intention, meditation, and summoning; to break down the constructs of time into timeless, present-centred, illuminating existence.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Men

Direction: West

Chakra: Crown

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Water

Meaning: Eagle, Supernatural Bird

Compatibility: Eagle, Storm, Night, Deer, Monkey

Calendar Day: 15

History overview:The Eagle is the fifteenth of the Mayan calendar, and it is considered one of the most powerful day signs. It is also known by the name Men. The symbol of this day sign is an Eagle and is connected to the sun. Many Mayan hieroglyphs of this sign depict the face of the Moon Goddess, which they believed was the embodiment of wisdom. Therefore, in ancient myths, this sign is known as the Woman-Eagle - her head adorned with feathers. It is also a sign that is symbolic of unity and integrity, with the Sun as masculine and the Moon as feminine energy

The sign is also synonymous with Mayan fire ceremonies. Bird is one of the Nawals that softens the energy and takes things from serious to fun. As they call in the Nawal, Bird can take the shape of an enormous eagle or a baby swallow. Partakers are given seeds to offer to the fire and asked to make bird sounds as they dance around the fire. It is an incredible ceremony that leaves participants laughing and having fun.

Characteristics: Similar to the eagle, people under this sign enjoy their freedom. They love discovering new places, people, and experiences. They are free spirits who prefer being alone than within a crowd. They have a keen interest in Science and Philosophy. People born under this sign are logical. They have distinguishing traits that enhance this natural ability, which includes an excellent memory, sharp mind, composure, and fortitude. These qualities may sometimes lead others to feel as though the Eagle has no feelings, but it is quite the opposite. They are filled with passion and desire.

They desire material wealth and public recognition, as they try to rise above those around them. As a natural predator, Eagle people find no pleasure in the victory, but rather the path to it. However, their drive for ambition may cause them to step on a few toes to get what they want. They can be very rigid and "by the book", causing them to be stubborn or stuck in their ways.

When it comes to love, they are quite lucky. They will have an easy time find and keeping relationships, but they tend to be quite stubborn too. Unless they can find a partner that matches their intellect and sensual nature, they will develop feelings of superiority. They also have a difficult time with self-love, which is something they will have to work through.

The highest expression: They are usually outgoing, intelligent and friendly. They are analytical individuals who will use their smarts to create a course of action that allows them to calculate what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome. They are incredibly magnetic, which allows them to attract and influence people. They are very lucky in love and fortune comes easily to them. They would make great spiritual leaders, teachers or healers.

Their self-confidence allows them to flourish in their chosen careers, and an excellent choice would be to nurture their artistic and business talents. Monkeys are tricksters, allowing them to have a good sense of humor. They are quite serious when it comes to how others see them, and they can be quite spiteful in how they present themselves.

The lowest expression: People under this sign lose interest quickly. When they are not in balance, they prefer to take shortcuts and may be unfaithful. Their ambition could overshadow their cosmic purpose, which could lead them down a path of opportunism, infidelity and irresponsibility.

Health:Birds often have incredible spiritual and material lives. Their health may be affected if they don`t take their role and mission within this life seriously. A disease may manifest due to their anger and frustration.

PurposeThe gift of your cosmic identity is to be an envoy of higher mind - the one who rises above and holds the big picture - a believer in the limitless - a representative of originality and change. You have the capacity to be a visionary; to see the potential of what has not been manifested yet; to pierce the mysteries of the mind; to view the world and your life from an expansive, boundless viewpoint; to offer new understandings to the collective; to create what is yours to create; to be brave in your service and engrossed in your intentions; to fearlessly allow your dreams to soar.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign-Kib

Direction: South

Chakra: Throat

Planet: Saturn

Element: Fire

Meaning: Vulture, Owl, Wisdom, Wax

Compatibility: Vulture, Sun, Lizard, Road

Calendar Day: 16

History overview:Kib is the sixteenth day of the Mayan calendar. It is also known as the Vulture or Wisdom. The Vulture is symbolic of clearing away old Karma. According to ancient Mayan myths, on special days, the souls of the dead would visit the Earth in the form of butterflies or bees to bring disease and death to the land. The Mayan Indians gave this day to the vulture, who leaves the heavens and feeds on the flesh of dead animals. The vulture is also symbolic of clearing, forgiveness and freedom from sins.

Humans are prone to sin, and no matter the hardships, we all need to be loved, forgiven, and accepted. This can be a difficult sign to be born under, as they are more challenged in life thanks to their intense belief that truth leads to great rewards. This is a wonderful day to confront your problems and to outwit those that choose to be misleading.

Sun Characteristics: Those born under the Vulture sign love to learn from their life experiences, and take these learning curves very seriously. They have a clear vision for where they`d like to go in life and remain determined to follow through. They are generally pragmatic and patient individuals.

People of the Vulture sign are complex creatures. They are incredibly intelligent with the ability to think calmly and rationally. However, when they feel vulnerable they tend to allow their emotions to influence them. When this happens, they don`t know how to express their feelings and thoughts. They are natural detectives and feel a need to "get to the bottom" of things. However, their desire to do this coupled with their inclination to catch people in their lies may create push back from those closest to them

When it comes to their career, Kib’s can be successful businessmen or accomplished leaders. However, this is only achieved when they listen to the voice of reason. Their natural ability to tap into their emotions make professions within the creative field (writer, musician, or artist) perfect for them. But their razor-sharp mind, judgement, management skills and problem-solving, make working within the business sector ideal too. Finding a balance between business and their creative passions is a great way to have the best of both worlds.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Kib’s are proud and independent individuals. While they are naturally sensitive beings, their feelings are not something they will showcase outright. Freedom is incredibly important to them, and they refuse to let anyone control or influence this aspect of themselves. This can prove to be a challenge when it comes to being in a committed relationship. Despite this, they find joy in being surrounded by loved ones, but their partner shouldn`t try to control them.

The highest expression: People born on this day are smart, have an excellent memory and are patient. They seem to sense that they are here to experience and learn lessons, and they take this understanding with them through most of their lives. They are unshakable in their beliefs, logical, and lucky in love.

The lowest expression: They tend to have low self-esteem, but learning to forgive themselves is one way to come to terms with this. They may form superficial relationships, preferring to hide or run away from going deeper. They must learn to be more open and trust themselves, only then will others be able to appreciate them.

Health:Their confrontational and self-destructive tendencies may lead their wisdom to fail and their health to suffer.

PurposeThe gift of your cosmic identity is to be a receptor for cosmic forces - a representative of radiant courage - a Pathfinder - an explorer of the fundamental realities. You have the capacity to utilize the power of questioning to dig deeper and find the truths that access higher intelligence; to inspire yourself and others to question beliefs, perspectives, the status quo, limitations, fears; to persist through the journey of life with compassion as your armour and guide; to confront challenges as sacred gifts that will strengthen you; to unite the three forces of mind, will, and soul to pick up your wand of Cosmic empowerment.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign-Kaban

Direction: East

Chakra: Heart

Planet: Uranus

Element: Earth

Meaning: Earth, Knowledge, Earthquake

Compatibility: Earth, Crocodile, Serpent, Water, Reed

Calendar Day: 17

History overview:Kaban is the seventeenth day of the Mayan calendar. It is also known as Earth or Knowledge. Kaban is connected to the earth. Therefore, because of the terrain that surrounded ancient Mayan homes, the earth and this sign were particularly important. Kaban was viewed as the force and energy that the earth possessed, but it was also symbolic of the forces within humans.

The literal translation for the word Kaban is earth. However, the ancient Mayans understood this word as earthquake. An earthquake was not only a powerful and natural force, but it also symbolized the movement of life. Mayans also connected this sign with knowledge - the process of thinking and mental activity.

Sun Characteristics: People under this sign seek out leadership positions, but may also gravitate towards working within the community, choosing professions within medicine, law, or entrepreneurship. They have a strong mental ability, which they attempt to use to make the world a better place. They are intelligent and logical, and everything they do in life is geared towards using their brain. The Mayans believed that people under this sign were meant to change the Earth with their thoughts, bringing new ideas from the future. They are innovative individuals who are often two steps ahead, but this can also prove to be a challenge for them.

This sign needs to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. At the very least, they need to share or talk about their ideas. If they`re unable to share their ideas or thoughts, they may feel as though they might implode. People under this sign are happy with what they have and do not willingly seek wealth. They are full of joy and energy and believe that life should be enjoyed with dignity, free of any negative influences.

However, people under this sign lack tenacity, and would rather avoid a rigid structure or framework. Therefore, they do well in professions that provide them with this sort of freedom - an artist, actor or designer. They are sensitive to criticism, hiding their feelings of doubt behind a mask of confidence.

When it comes to love, they can be light-hearted and unfaithful partners, and often seek the unforgettable sensations of life. They will usually get into relationships that are not too binding, but as they grow older, this may change as they begin to appreciate family. Their mind is often focused on themselves and their thoughts. Therefore, attracting a partner that’s too emotional will not last long with someone under this sign.

The highest expression: People of this sign are intelligent and always creating new ideas. Their minds are continually in motion, and their intelligence makes them excellent scientists or directors. They are visionaries, confident, and work well within the community. They are concerned with children and the elderly.

The lowest expression: They tend to have low self-esteem, but learning to forgive themselves is one way to come to terms with this. They may form superficial relationships, preferring to hide or run away from going deeper. They must learn to be more open and trust themselves, only then will others be able to appreciate them.

Health:Because their minds are going 100 miles an hour, they’ll need to be mindful with their thoughts. If not, they may become overwhelmed with sadness and fear. They may develop a chronic illness if they drift away from helping the greater good

PurposeThe gift of your cosmic identity is to be a navigator - a discoverer of clues and signs - a conscious tool of the living earth force - a learner of divine timing. You have the capacity to understand the blueprint of living mystery; to comprehend the guidance of the Universe surfacing through the conditions of the present moment; to centre yourself in life, the clarity and living wisdom of Earth’s abundance; to work with your higher self in steering the course of your life’s advancement and transformation; to align your consciousness with the heartbeat of the Earth!


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Etz’nab

Direction: North

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Planet: Neptune

Element: Air

Meaning: Flint, Knife, Mirror, Obsidian

Compatibility: Flint, Wind, Death, Dog, Jaguar

Calendar Day: 18

History overview:Flint is the eighteenth day of the Mayan calendar. It is also known as Etznab. Flint played a crucial role in Mayan culture, and Etznab is a representation of that. It is a sign of grace, healing, courage and strength.

The Mayans utilized tools made of obsidian, which is a powerful force that is used to cut all negative elements from the body, mind and soul. Obsidian was also used as a mirror or to view the other world. The Flint is the divine spark of intelligence. It can be a challenge to fall under this sign, but if it`s handle in a conscious and committed way, Flint can receive blessings and gifts of soulful karmic cleansing and freedom.

The energy of this sign is all about releasing and getting rid of negative energy. This day is perfect for finding harmony and cleansing thoughts and actions. It`s also excellent for praying for release from enemies and negative energies.

CharacteristicsPeople born under this sign are bursting with strength and have lots of courage. They are the ones that do things that others wouldn`t dare to try. They are the advocates for the underdog and have intelligent and analytic minds. They would do well as a doctor or natural healer.

They have a strong will and nerves, remaining resolute and calm when conflict arises. They can deviate from their position at times and not take the time to consider the opinions of others. They are logical and prefer to deal with the facts instead of emotions. This does mean that they have a difficult time dealing with their feelings. They are continually striving for excellence, which leaves them feeling restless.

People under this sign were made for matters related to work and career. They are determined and intentional, which are the perfect qualities for succeeding in any profession. They prefer to be honest, which can rub their colleagues the wrong way. But they are generally disciplined and responsible employees that management can always depends on.

When people under this sign become passionate about something, they can become consumed because they have a very technical mind. They tend to come across as cold and devoid of tenderness. However, they will find happiness with a partner who is as calm and as determined as they are.

The highest expression: People under this sign do well with public speaking, and have a knack for healing people and animals through plant medicine. They are honest and loyal, which makes them firm believers in human love and truth. They would make excellent health care professionals or spiritual healers. They are great to be around, as they provide excellent advice.

The lowest expression: When Flint people let negative energy influence them, they tend to be resentful and angry. They keep their true feelings to themselves until one day they explode. They need a spiritual practice to remain balanced.

Health:Flint people can suffer due to their anger, resentment or guilt. This will cause them to be prone to accidents, disease and sudden death.

Purpose: The gift of your cosmic identity is to be a conduit for clear seeing - a learner of infinity - an instrument of introspection - an envoy of mystical truths - a devotee of the ceaseless unfolding of divine order. You have the capacity to discover the boundless Universe through the vastness of your consciousness; to contemplate the mystery which incorporates our inner and outer realities; to brighten your internal mirror to see through superficial appearances and discern the deeper underlying truths; to utilize wisdom to help cut through fantasy and projection, and liberate us from the Illusion of Mirrors into the greater reality.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Kawak

Direction: West

Chakra: Root

Planet: Pluto

Element: Water

Meaning: Storm, Rain

Compatibility: Storm, Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle

Calendar Day: 19

History overview:Rain is the nineteenth day of the Mayan calendar. It is also known as Kawak or Storm. Kawak is a symbol of thunder, but it is also known as a day for family, community, and nurturing relationships.

The patron is the god of rain - Chaak. It was believed that when there was a thunderstorm, Chaak would strike the clouds with his lightning axe. The hieroglyph for the sign is a group of clouds resembling the pyramid. Clouds were vital, as they brought rain - the source of life. Along with its importance in the Mayan culture, the water was also a symbol of vitality. The pyramid was a symbol of the World Mountain and is connected to the power of the earth. Therefore, this sign represents the energy of life and the eruption of feelings.

This sign is a combination of feminine energy and male characteristics. It`s so intertwined that it`s difficult to see where one begins and the other ends. A rainstorm is an incredible sight to behold and has varying degrees - from the soft raindrops to the thunderclaps and flashes of lightning.

CharacteristicsPeople born under the sign of Rain have a youthful radiance about them. They appear to never grow old. It`s believed that people under this sign are destined to live a hard life thanks to their ability to get into sticky situations. They do not do well in stressful conditions, as the smallest challenge can cause them to suffer. They tend to hide behind a mask of bravery, but underneath they are sensitive and vulnerable. However, others may never get to see this side of them as they carefully curate their emotions.

When it comes to their career, people under this sign are ambitions and seek to settle within a high position. They are excellent at hiding their true feelings, as their calm exterior conceals their stubbornness. They are firm in their decisions and beliefs, and it is nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. However, their sensitive nature and tendency to amplify their problems are characteristics that cause them more harm than good. Settling into a profession that will allow them to tap into their stormy emotions will be beneficial. Perhaps an artist, actor, or director.

In romantic relationships, the people of the Storm sign are jealous and can be overly demanding. They are compatible with partners who are incredibly patient, calm and balanced. However, they should avoid potential partners who show signs of aggression. They thrive when they are with the people that they love, including family.

The highest expression: When balanced, a storm person is calm, caring and family-orientated. They are inspiring to be around. They are the happiest when they are at home. If they focus their attention on this, they will live a life that is calm and healthy. They are natural healers, midwives, and have a talent for curing diseases related to women.

The lowest expression: When they are out of balance, they may turn to addiction through alcohol, drugs and smoking. They tend to play the victim, blaming others for their difficulties, anger and the losses they’ve faced in life.

Health:They are usually healthy individuals and don`t get sick very often. They need to nurture their personality, or violence and suffering will overwhelm them


The gift of your Cosmic identity is to be an alchemist of energies - a declaration of passion and purpose - the personification of stillness moving - an empowered self-generator. As part of the Storm tribe, you have the capacity to be an initiator of change; to be a luminous world changer; to be a vessel of circulation, rebirth, breakthrough and liberation; to honor purification and turbulence as powerful forces of cleansing and unburdening; to tap into the force of your inner light as your ultimate source of power; to unshackle the lightning of your spirit and the calm strength of your presence; to be the “I Am” of the eye of the storm.

Code words that will help summon your key powers:


Your Mayan Solar Sign: Ajaw

Direction: South

Chakra: Crown

Planet: Pluto

Element: Fire

Meaning: Sun, Flower, Light Lord, God of the Sun

Compatibility: Sun, Lizard, Star, Road, Vulture

Calendar Day: 20

History overview:Ajaw is the twentieth day of the Mayan calendar. It is also known as Sun, which is considered a sacred symbol within the ancient Mayan tradition. The Sun sign is the embodiment of everything noble and ideal, which includes the world of the Ancestors. It was believed that the souls of the deceased could return, flourishing like flowers on the World Tree. Therefore, this sign is also called Flower. It`s the perfect representation of power, strength, and higher consciousness

This is a day of celebration, which was filled with dancing and singing. Prayers to the ancestors and the Great Father Sun could be heard far and wide on this day. The Sun-day is intense but filled with fearlessness. It is the perfect day for a king to be born, and Mayan midwives used herbs and calendars to help the birthing process along.

CharacteristicsPeople who fall under this sign are daydreamers who fantasize about their ideal life. They are romantics at their core and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things. They would make excellent teachers or artists.

The Sun sign has the ability to captivate, and their bright and uncommon personality attracts interest from those around them. They are usually cheerful, sociable and have a great sense of humor - they are the life of the party. Sun people tend to be quick-tempered and quickly get frustrated. For all their inner-strength, they place too much pressure on themselves. This often leads them to feel disappointment when they cannot achieve what they`ve envisioned.

When it comes to their careers, they will find success if they can find the best way to utilize their talents. Their razor-sharp mind, composure, and fortitude enable them to get out of difficult situations with dignity. Therefore, people of the Sun make great leaders.

In relationships, this sign demonstrates their best qualities but tend to disappear into their relationship. They enjoy surprising and sharing their vivid emotions with their partner. Despite their cheerful disposition, they can easily lose their footing. They need to learn how to remain grounded. They need a strong partner, one that is capable of problem-solving. The act of love brings vitality and inspiration into the lives of people under this sign.

The highest expression: The strength and tenacity of the sun make them great leaders, role models and teachers. They look to the future with enthusiasm, and they have an interest in anything that is extraordinarily beautiful. They tend to overcome their obstacles with courage.

The lowest expression: They have such unrealistic expectations of themselves that they find it hard to deal with the disappointment when things don`t go as planned. This can also lead to anger and frustration, which may also manifest extreme challenges.

Health:: They are generally quite healthy and have a strong immune system. However, if they are out of balance or not in alignment with their soul`s purpose, they will fall ill.

Purpose: The gift of your cosmic identity is to be an envoy of solar life force - a representative of awakening - a messenger of light - one who shines the rays of their internal sun to revitalize and bless. As the Sun sign, you have the ability to emit the universal fire of enlightened life by enhancing the flames of truth and divine knowledge; to bring light into the shadows, allowing divine consciousness to shine on that which is unconscious; to honor the wholeness of life, accepting the entirety of this existence and celebrating all the experiences that we are here to learn within this Earth School, to find the light of your own heart and use it as the ultimate guide on the path to self actualization!


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