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Mayan Sun Sign/Galactic Tone



What is your Mayan Solar Tribe and Galactic Imprint?

Tzolkin is a divination system of the Mayan Culture and is a 260 day cycle, which never ends. It is a guidance system that provides profound spiritual guidance for individuals. In comparison to Western Astrology, Mayan Astrology is not based on planets or the constellations. Instead, it is based on Tzolkin, which follows internal spiritual time, nature and metaphysical cycles. It is not planetary but universal and shows us that “every human being is a universe.”
Mayans discovered that the day someone was born, brings the best-supporting energy for the life purpose of this individual. So by discovering your “Day Sign” you are connecting to your Higher Self and Purpose. The Mayans believed that each individual chooses the date they will come into this life before incarnation. Do you see why understanding the energies of your particular Day Sign is important? Each Day sign refers to a specific tribe, and each tribe has its sole characteristics and essence that creates a unique blueprint to guide us in our daily lives. To read more about each tribe click here. As we slowly begin to expand our knowledge and understanding of our Cosmic Identity, we can tap into a deeper well of knowledge and awareness of how we embody these Cosmic Kin energiesand transmit that frequency to the world.
The 13 day cycle of the Tzolkin are represented by Galactic Tones. Our particular tone/imprint also depicts our personality characteristics and are determined by the particular day you were born. These 13 Galactic Imprints use your time of birth to paint the universal energy that surrounds your aura and shines light on the path one should take in their life. Just as music holds different tones, vibrations, and energies and affects us differently, so does your Galactic Tone/Imprint. The more we consciously step into this energy – embodying and invoking our Galactic energies – the more we can channel this gift in our own lives and relationships. While connecting with our personal Comic Imprint allows us to get into a higher vibration, it’s also vital to understand that by connecting with our unique Galactic energy we are activating our whole authentic selves. We are all capable of experiencing the power and mystery of these ancient archetypal forces through the unique energy and power of Galactic Time.
So how can discovering your Mayan Solar Tribe and Galactic Imprint be beneficial to you? Well, when we feel stuck or can’t explain occurrences taking shape in our lives, we often reduce those events to chance and coincidence. Your birthdate was not by chance neither was your conception. To live beyond space and time you must be willing to accept that synchronicities are what brought you to where you are now. There is an order in your life that goes beyond emotions and feelings.
Our Mayan Solar Tribe and Galactic Imprint report will bring you into the knowledge of that order and help you decode your unique vibration.

Your Birthday

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