Mayan Sun Signs – How the Mayan Calendar Can Improve Your Life.

What’s your first thought when you hear the word ‘Mayan’? Well if you imagine a man with a painted face, chanting or sitting in a hut, then you couldn’t be more wrong!

The Mayan empire was a powerful and influential civilization, reaching their peak in the 6th Century AD. Mayan astronomers correctly tracked cycles of the moon, sun and planets, thousands of years in advance. They invented a writing system, and had thousands of paper books. They invented chocolate, herbal medicine and even basketball. The Maya had advanced cities with schools, libraries, hospitals and large sporting arenas. They were a remarkable people to say the least.

They’re also known to be extremely skilled at Mathematics, which is why the Mayan calendar is so famous to this day!

So if Mayan Astronomers were able to correctly track cycles of the moon, sun and planets, thousands of years in advance, it begs the question,- “What else were they right about?”

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What exactly are Mayan Sun Signs?

The Mayans must have had exceptional knowledge of the universe, in order to predict a lunar eclipse over one thousand years in advance.  They established a system of astrology from their calendar that is called the Tzolk’in.

This system has 20 different day signs and 13 different galactic numbers that add up to a 260-day cycle for the calendar. This is opposed to the 365-day calendar that most people are familiar with today.

So in contrast to western astrology where you have only 12 zodiac signs, the Mayan astrology gives 20 signs. They believed and knew for themselves that time was all about repeated cycles. Time is not a straight and endless road, but more like a vast circle with no beginning and no end.

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How it works 
The Mayan Calendar comprises three distinct but corresponding calendars which are:

  • The Long Count,
  • The Tzolkin (divine calendar),
  • The Haab (civil calendar).
  • Each of them is cyclical, which means that a definite number of days must have passed, before a new cycle can begin.

    The three calendars are used concurrently. The Tzolkin and the Haab classify the days, but not the years.

    Each of the 20-day names of the token calendar has its own Spirit. The day on which you were born determines your soul character, destiny and personality traits shaped by the days sign.



    The 20 sun signs 


    1. Alligator/CrocodileQuick response – Those born under this sign are protective yet, aggressive, creative and energetic. They have a strong personal power that should be creatively used.
    2. WindStrength – Usually multifaceted and versatile, but also idealistic and romantic. These people frequently struggle with commitment issues.
    3. HouseLove of home – Persons who follow rigid structures and traditions. They are introspective and deep, projecting an imposing presence. They work hard to meet their security needs.
    4. LizardEndurance – These individuals are driven to reach high standards. Self-esteem is a big factor for them, and they are often fascinated with attention-getting activities.
    5. SerpentMeditation – Persons of charisma and power as well as emotional upheaval. They are intelligent but also extremist in many ways.
    6. DeathLife-force, vitality – Persons of personal sacrifice and acceptance of change. These persons work hard for the community to which they belong.
    7. DeerAlertness – These people are community and family oriented but also value their freedom to follow their nomadic instincts.
    8. RabbitSpeed – a sign of cleverness, games and competition. These people have active minds; they must always be doing something. They have a great liking for music and humour.
    1. WaterCleanliness – represents emotional power and leadership. These individuals struggle with potent emotions and urges. They are great dreamers.
    2. DogLoyalty – People of consistency and commitment, loyalty and leadership. They are good team players, usually very creative.
    3. MonkeyAgility – These people need attention and are often found in the performing or communicative arts because they are socially active.
    4. Grasshealing (herbs) –People of compromise, usefulness and healing. Those of this sign are easy-going, and hide deep feelings and hurts.
    5. ReedMusic – associated with knowledge, forcefulness and strong opinions. Persons born under this sign are usually popular, competent and accomplished.
    6. Ocelot/JaguarGrace – These persons are private and secretive but make good healers and consultants. They can be intensely moved by spiritual matters.
    7. EagleGreat-spirit – These persons are usually perfectionists, independent, and technical. They can be ambitious, yet they also occasionally enjoy a good escape.
    8. VultureHope – a sign of authority and hierarchy. These people are driven to high positions and can be very conscious of status.
    9. Earthquake/MovementSensitivity – Forceful intellectual activity and progressive thinking. These persons are often controversial because they believe strongly in ideals.
    10. Knife/FlintRenewal – self-sacrifice and self-interest. These persons struggle in close relationships due to them being mechanically inclined and practical.
    11. RainFertility – a sign of healing and compassion. These people are restless, youthful, friendly and mentally active. They are concerned with purification and cleansing.

    1. FlowerContentment – These persons are socially awkward, persistent dreamers, but always have good intentions. They are dedicated friends and lovers, but tend to suffer in relationships due to idealistic hopes.

    In your research of these signs, you will notice that many of these calendars that are spelled differently. This is due to the different Mayan languages. These symbols are diverse, interesting and creative much like the Mayans themselves. They can reveal more about yourself and how you can draw strength when it’s needed.


    How does this benefit your spiritual journey?

    Mayans believed that everything returns to, and comes from the One Source. They saw the Sun as the primary source of life and energy within the Universe.

    They acknowledged that each person is connected to the source of the highest dimension. This notion can be seen by the Mayan concept of Kuxan Suum, which literally means ‘The Road to the Sky leading to the Umbilical Cord of the Universe.’

    This umbilical cord is a resounding conduit which connects you, the individual, through the centre of the earth, through the heart of the sun, to the vast core, to the Heart of All Beings. This Hunab Ku is the Heart of All Beings and each of us is connected through our own hearts.

    The 260-day calendar can be used to determine important activities related to your life. It can be used to name your children, predict your future, decide on auspicious dates in your life, your marriage, etc. Each single day had its omens and associations.

    So by studying your Mayan Sun Sign, you can make your life a lot easier by having a greater understanding of yourself and your life’s mission.


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