What is a Personal Year?


Your Personal Year Cycle is a nine-year cycle. Every year in numerology forms part of an intricate tapestry that makes up this nine-year cycle, which starts from year one and ends at year nine. Your Personal Year Number is dependent on where you are in your cycle. When year nine is complete, the cycle begins again. When you start to understand the defining characteristics that each number (between 1 -9) represents, you can begin to apply the core aspects of these numbers as they show up, including the cycles that you experience.

The Personal Year Cycle runs from January 1 to December 31. Understanding the number of the Personal Year that you’re currently in, provides you with a lovely snapshot of the activities that might come up for you, enabling you to respond with the primary energy of that specific number. This is a great way to cut corners when making decisions, making for an easier, happier, and more productive life.

More specifically, your Personal Year Number gives you a glimpse of the overarching theme of the specific year you’re in. One of the advantages to knowing where you are in your Personal Year Cycle is that you’re able to go with the flow of the energy of the year, instead of feeling as if you’re swimming upstream. It’s also a fantastic way to dig deeper into the theme of the year, so you can have a better understanding of why things are unfolding the way they are!

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Below are only quick snapshots of what each personal year brings. To calculate your personal and read your unique report based on your birth date (month + day + current year) visit our Numerology Calculators here.

1 Personal Year: Beginnings

This is the beginning of your nine-year cycle. It is the start of something spectacular and can bring with it a chance, adventure, and new beginnings. It’s best not to waste time on senseless activities or pointless relationships. This time is all about taking action and planting the seeds you’d like to see grow during this nine-year cycle. The keyword for this year is independence. While it may feel a bit lonely, this is a time to rely on yourself.

You’ll need to make sure that everything is neatly wrapped up from your 9 Personal Year to fully harness the power and energy of this magical new year. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

2 Personal Year: Patience and Love

This personal year is all about slowing down and enjoying the moment you’re in. Patience is the overarching theme of this year, along with love. While previous years may have had a very “me” centric focus, this year is all about “us”. Expect relationships and emotions to take center stage, with a year focused on the beauty of love and all its forms. This is a year that may leave you feeling as if you’re going at a snail’s pace, where even small steps forward will take energy, patience, and time.

The best way to make use of your 2 Personal Year is to slow down and focus on your relationships. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

3 Personal Year: Creativity and Self-Expression

This is the year where self-improvement takes a front seat. It’s a fantastic year to put yourself out there and strengthen all forms of creative expression. It’s also a year that will have you digging into your expressive emotions, with plenty of opportunities placed in your path that will encourage you to express your emotions clearly and effectively. This year is all about finding what lights you up, reveling in your joy, speaking your truth, and expressing yourself creatively.

Speaking your truth is easier said than done, as you wrestle with the endless questions that this may bring about – who am I? What do I value? To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

4 Personal Year: Setting the Foundation

This Personal Year is all about establishing a solid foundation for your life. After a year filled with self-expression and creativity, it’s time to get practical about the goals you want to focus on. This is a year that’s loaded with hard work, as you work on your job, family, relationships, or health. The start of this year may have you “spring cleaning” your life, and while it may feel great at first, it will begin to feel taxing. Therefore, you’ll need to be patient, adopting a slow and steady pace as you try to make it to the end of this year with your sanity intact.

While seeking a sense of security will be front and center during this year, you will need to be aware of the challenges that may present themselves. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

5 Personal Year: Freedom

This year brings with it plenty of changes and personal freedom. You’ll find yourself asking: “what does freedom mean to me?” With plenty of change on its way, you’ll have to learn how to adapt, be flexible, and stay focused. Expect lots of opportunities to find you, so make sure that you’re wide open to receive these incredible gifts. At times, it can feel as if you’re being swept away by a tornado of change, so make sure that you establish some form of self-discipline.

Be prepared for a year of expanding your horizons as you explore the sensual side of life while enjoying and experiencing new people, experiences, and opportunities. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

6 Personal Year: Family and Responsibility

The theme for this year is having responsibility, family, and spending time nurturing yourself and others. This can feel a bit jarring after having seemingly endless freedom from the previous year, but now is the time to buckle down. Reviewing your current relationships this year will be on the cards, as you spend time nurturing relationships that bring happiness and positivity into your life. It can also be a year where you finally let go of relationships that are no longer serving you.

Whether you choose to take your partnership to the next level by getting married or letting go of a relationship by getting a divorce or breaking up, this is the year that will bring you clarity when it comes to these decisions. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

7 Personal Year: Spirituality and Inner Work

This is a year that’s all about reflection, and you’ll spend plenty of time moving inward. It’s a time that’s dedicated to spirituality, as you begin to renew your look at your spiritual and religious beliefs. Inner work is the star of the show, as you probe deeper into self, detaching from the outside world, and collecting data. The key to this year is exploring every crevice of your soul’s purpose as you adjust yourself to fully align with your authentic self that’s unraveling this year. Because this is a year of massive inner work, you’ll be tested in faith and trust. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

8 Personal Year: Empowerment

This is a powerful year, in more ways than one. This is a year that focuses on finance and personal empowerment. And boy, are tested on both fronts. This can be a year where it feels like you’ve hit the ground running, as you receive endless challenges related to testing your willpower throughout the year. Finances will be tested too, as you experience ups and downs, so be sure to dig into that inner resilience. The number 8 has an energy that intensifies anything that it comes into contact with, so make sure your intentions are enforced with action.

The number 8 is powerful and has the potential to be an AMAZING MONEY YEAR, if you play your cards right. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.

9 Personal Year: Letting Go

You’ve made it to the end of the cycle – congratulations! This is the year of completions and endings, as it forces you to let go of everything that no longer serves you. If you choose to let go, you’ll move on to a more expansive cycle in your life. This is the year you get to look back and marvel at how you’ve grown over the last eight years.

Because the next phase in your cycle is that of “new beginnings”, it’s vital that you do some spring cleaning and shed that old shell. To read your full report, visit our Numerology Calculator page here.