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What are your Numerology Life Path and Life Phase Numbers?

Have you had life events that left you asking, ‘Why me? In all of these moments, the essence of numbers and the energy they represent will give you an overview of those experiences. You hit new heights of resilience and your “Why Me?” as you understand the synchronicity of numbers”is becoming more of an authenticated affirmation of” I AM and I WILL.”
It is noted that we need to distinguish and examine numerical patterns that circle our daily lives in order to fully comprehend the universe that surrounds us. It is said that our individual Life Path Number unveils your true personality, deepest convictions, and the obstacles we may face in our lifetime. This number holds its own distinctive vibration and is often said to give us an advantageous perspective on our true spiritual essence.
If you want to take your self-knowledge to the next level, from birth to death, you should also review your Four Culmination Phases. A preview of the trends and obstacles you will face on your journey gives you the power of these pinnacles. Think of these four significant life cycles as the four primary growth areas that will help you achieve your destiny. The first stage illustrates the development side of our story, which lasts from 0 to 34 years. The second and third phases mark meaningful lessons in “adult” life and changes that might occur. Before leaving this earthy plane, our final life period serves as the climactic chapter of our lives and defines our primary focus. According to your Life Path Number and the number series of your previous phases of life, the length of these cycles varies.
Your birth name often has different meanings, and the vowels and consonants of your legal birth name are measured. Many people have been prompted to change the true meaning of their legal names to something more meaningful and positive. You will also want to remember this as you begin to realize that words are worlds and numbers carry a specific energy and vibration.
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Knowledge is power, so getting to know yourself and your unconscious biases through your unique numerical pattern is key to your success as a Divine Sovereign Being.
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