This is the beginning of your nine-year cycle. It is the start of something spectacular and can bring with it a chance, adventure, and new beginnings. It’s best not to waste time on senseless activities or pointless relationships. This time is all about taking action and planting the seeds you’d like to see grow during this nine-year cycle. The keyword for this year is independence. While it may feel a bit lonely, this is a time to rely on yourself.

You’ll need to make sure that everything is neatly wrapped up from your 9 Personal Year to fully harness the power and energy of this magical new year. A big challenge that you will have to face during this Personal Year is embracing your individuality and manifesting your independence. You’ll find success by connecting with the uniquely beautiful aspects of yourself.

This fresh start is a gift, but it will be a hardship. However, you’ll learn plenty of lessons related to developing your self-esteem and trusting yourself in all aspects – including creativity.

Relationships may thrive during this time, but may also be pushed to the side in choice of career advancement. And Personal Year 1 is the perfect time to take the necessary steps to advance in this area of your life. This is a year you’ll have plenty of opportunities and experiences to uplevel your independence. Relationships that are enmeshed, co-dependent, or have an enabler patterning, will be tested during this time. You’ll be able to benefit from the “fresh” energy of this year by focusing on long-term goals while taking calculated risks and dig into your spirit of “new beginnings”.

Benefits of the 1 Personal Year:

  • You’ll feel as if you can breathe again after having finished your 9 Personal Year, which was a year that can feel intense.
  • You’ll feel as if you’re running on a full tank, as your energy is replenished.
  • You’ll have more clarity about the path you’d like your life to take.
  • You’ll feel as if it’s a brand new beginning that you’re ready to get started.

Challenges you could face in 1 Personal Year:

  • This is a time that makes you feel isolated as if you’re doing everything on your own. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to build and create this new portion of your life.
  • Low self-esteem may rear its ugly head, so make sure that you continuously remind yourself of all your successes.
  • You’ll encounter plenty of experiences that will test your courage and strength, so make sure that you allow yourself to define your identity and stick to your unique vision.