This Personal Year is all about establishing a solid foundation for your life. After a year filled with self-expression and creativity, it’s time to get practical about the goals you want to focus on. This is a year that’s loaded with hard work, as you work on your job, family, relationships, or health. The start of this year may have you “spring cleaning” your life, and while it may feel great at first, it will begin to feel taxing. Therefore, you’ll need to be patient, adopting a slow and steady pace as you try to make it to the end of this year with your sanity intact.

While seeking a sense of security will be front and center during this year, you will need to be aware of the challenges that may present themselves. These may present themselves as restrictions placed on family, career, health, or relationships. This can be anything you feel is holding you back or restricting you – what limitations do you have to work through with family or yourself?

You may find that during this time, work can be boring and tedious, but stick with it as this is a time to put your head down and work. It may sound like a horrible idea, but you will reap the rewards when you manage to accomplish your goals. Keep a steady pace, and try not to rush to the end – slow and steady wins the race.
It’s crucial to take charge of your health during this year, so make sure that you prioritize self-care. You’ll reap the rewards of this Personal Year if you’re able to focus on your goals, organize your life in ways that will make it more efficient.

22/4 Personal Year

Along with the aspects associated with the number four, you have a year that’s amplified by Master Number 22, presenting additional challenges. Master Number 22 is often referred to as “The Master Builder” in numerology and makes it a powerful number. This number requires exceptional focus, vision, and hard work. This is a year that forces you to focus on your career goals, as its energy allows you to expand your career endeavors and think bigger. Naturally, this intense focus on your career may bring the challenge of personal relationships taking a backseat during this time.

With the energy of the four and the double two, you will need to have endless patience and the ability to work well with others. While you’re being called to expand and think bigger, it’s important to remember that you are merely setting the foundation for what’s to happen.

Benefits of the 4 Personal Year

  • If you pay attention to details, you’ll be able to find great success.
  • You’ll feel level-headed and grounded during this time
  • You’ll feel the positive effects of taking it slow and following an actionable step-by-step process.
  • You’ll have the chance to flex your adaptability muscle as you focus on completing tasks.

Challenges during the 4 Personal Year

  • You may find yourself dragging your feet when diving into all the hard work that this year requires.
  • Once you come to terms with the fact that this is not a year to frolic and have fun in the sun, you may be able to overcome the procrastination and stubbornness that will rear its ugly head.
  • Try your best to not go into your default mode of wanting to control everything. Instead, try and focus on the good aspects of what you’re working on this year. This can either be strengthening relationships or building your career.