This year brings with it plenty of changes and personal freedom. You’ll find yourself asking: “what does freedom mean to me?” With plenty of change on its way, you’ll have to learn how to adapt, be flexible, and stay focused. Expect lots of opportunities to find you, so make sure that you’re wide open to receive these incredible gifts. At times, it can feel as if you’re being swept away by a tornado of change, so make sure that you establish some form of self-discipline.

Be prepared for a year of expanding your horizons as you explore the sensual side of life while enjoying and experiencing new people, experiences, and opportunities. This is a significant year, as you’re halfway through your nine-year cycle. With freedom as the primary theme of this year, you’ll also be offered an abundance of opportunities to face your fears knock down any limitations, and ignite your sense of adventure (especially if you feel like you’ve lost it).

With so much freedom, adventure, and sensuality, it can be difficult to rein in all of the energies present. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to escape or numb yourself to the experience.

Benefits of the 5 Personal Year

  • Your sexual energy and sensuality are buzzing during this time.
  • You’ll have the freedom to choose what you want and when you want it.
  • If you’re able to embrace your inherent magnetism and focus on your intentions, you’ll find success.
  • You’ll connect with authenticity if you’re able to go with the energetic flow of this year.

Challenges during the 5 Personal Year

  • The freedom of this year can feel intense and may feel the need to zone out. Therefore, overindulging and recklessness could be a problem if you don’t set parameters or create a plan.
  • Change and fear go hand-in-hand. Therefore, preparation is vital to being successful this year. Make sure you brace yourself for the changes that will inevitably happen.
  • This is a great year to define what freedom means to you, and then create steps to welcome more of this into your life. If not, it could feel like you’re continually going up and down.