This is a year that’s all about reflection, and you’ll spend plenty of time moving inward. It’s a time that’s dedicated to spirituality, as you begin to renew your look at your spiritual and religious beliefs. Inner work is the star of the show, as you probe deeper into self, detaching from the outside world, and collecting data. The key to this year is exploring every crevice of your soul’s purpose as you adjust yourself to fully align with your authentic self that’s unraveling this year.

Because this is a year of massive inner work, you’ll be tested in faith and trust. Meditation, spiritual studies, and looking inside yourself will help you navigate this year. You may have spent the previous year tending to the responsibilities of family, but this year is all about you. You may find yourself responding to difficult experiences and painful events during this year, but you are capable of handling this and making it to the other side. It’s a year to nurture and create a balance between your intuition and your methodical mind.

Benefits of the 7 Personal Year:

  • You’ll gain inspiration by connecting to your spirituality.
  • You’ll find success if you don’t fight the inner journey you are currently on.
  • You’ll feel called to dig deeper into ways that allow you to cultivate trust in yourself and others.
  • You’ll feel empowered once you’re able to bridge the gaps between your body, mind, and spirit.

Challenges of Personal Year 7:

  • You may feel isolated and alone this year – make sure that you try and spend time with friends.
  • Your default setting may be that of doubt during this year. Make sure you learn to understand what you truly believe in and how you can act upon this.