This is a powerful year, in more ways than one. This is a year that focuses on finance and personal empowerment. And boy, are tested on both fronts. This can be a year where it feels like you’ve hit the ground running, as you receive endless challenges related to testing your willpower throughout the year. Finances will be tested too, as you experience ups and downs, so be sure to dig into that inner resilience.

The number 8 has an energy that intensifies anything that it comes into contact with, so make sure your intentions are enforced with action. Because it’s an energy that is very intense, deep-rooted issues related to your sense of empowerment will bubble to the surface. You may be able to see the finish line, but this year demands that you keep a steady pace, as it will be grueling. While this may be a career-focused year, relationships will be in the spotlight as you reevaluate how empowered or disempowered you may feel. This is a time when balance takes precedence, and you learn to take control of your life before the end of this nine-year cycle.

Benefits of the 8 Personal Year:

  • You’ll reap the rewards once you learn to understand that money is a tool that can be used to better the lives of yourself and others.
  • This year will allow you to feel empowered.
  • You’re driven, busy, and focused on getting things done.
  • The intense energy of this number will allow you to use your power in whichever way you please, so make the right decisions.

Challenges of Personal Year 8:

  • This year will not be a walk in the park, and you’ll receive tests in areas of empowerment, leadership and patience.
  • You may unwittingly present intimidating energy to those around you. You’re almost at the finish line, so this year may feel as if you need to start sprinting. However, you will find more success if you take it easy and slow down to focus and respect those around you.