What an exciting Gemini Season! As we slowly move out of Mercury in retrograde on June 22nd, the universe has something very special in store for us, and it comes in the form of a solar eclipse. This one will prove to be extra special though as it’s been affectionately nicknamed the Ring of Fire, which will take place on June 10, 2021. This eclipse is bursting with tranquil energy and will offer a chance to experience some significant breakthroughs – change is coming!

So just what is the “Ring of Fire?” Well, the term is used to describe a solar eclipse, but this one has a bit of a twist to it. During a regular total eclipse, the moon completely conceals the bright light of the sun. However, during a “Ring of Fire” solar eclipse, the Moon still passes directly in front of the Sun but only partially blocks sunlight. The result is a thin ring of light that forms from the sun’s disk, which we can see from the earth. And voila, that’s why we call it the Ring of Fire.


Solar Eclipse June 2021 Visibility

If you’re eager to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse on 10 June 2021, here is where it will be visible: northeastern Canada, Greenland, the Arctic Ocean, and parts of Russia. If you don’t reside in any of those places, not to worry, you can catch a partial glimpse of the eclipse from northern and eastern North America, most of Europe, and Northern Asia. Canadians may have the best seats in the house, especially if you reside in north Ontario, Canada.

The eclipse takes place around sunrise, so you will have to be up early to catch it. Which is perfect if you live near a beach. I hear the ocean calling your name!


What does this mean for you?

A solar eclipse often occurs on new moons, which is symbolic of hope and new beginnings. Needless to say, this time will be supercharged with some extra juicy energy, ensuring that new beginnings are headed your way – whether you’re ready for them or not!  This particular eclipse also falls in the sign of Gemini, so there may be a lot of energy that’s looking to test your communication skills.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, while Mercury represents the union of two worlds. The Higher World of Ether (fire) and the Lower World of Matter (water). The Sun represents your external world, and the Moon represents your emotional/inner world. What a coincidence then that the solar eclipse falls during Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Gemini, and the zodiac sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury!

Even more coincidental is the fact that the alchemy sign for Mercury is literally the Sun, Moon, and Earth aligned! In other words, The Ring of Fire! See below pic. The circle symbolizes the Sun, the u-shape on the top of the circle represents the Moon, and the cross below the circle represents the Earth. You don’t get any more synchronized than that!

In Western Alchemy, Mercury is considered the “Messenger of the Gods” and is also associated with the “8th Level of Consciousness,” where the Moon World and Sun World unite and dominates the four elements of the Earth. Translation: Lots of abundance, divine wisdom, and infinite potential for you. Pretty Bad Ass, right?

Sun conjunct the Moon is a crucial symbol within astrology, providing a much-needed explosion of energy that helps to balance your emotional spirit.

What a sigh of relief, right? This means you have the power to be in the driver’s seat of your emotional and physical body with all the possibilities laid out on the table. With new beginnings being the anthem during this time, you can be certain that this is the perfect time to make a fresh start, break old habits or start a new venture. Spend some time thinking about unhealthy habits or behaviors you’d like to release, along with anything you feel is no longer serving you.


What should you watch out for?

Polarity is a part of our world, whether we like it or not, and we all have to come to grips with that. In other words, for every degree of a thing, there is its opposite. So, though the Solar Eclipse brings amazing opportunities to start a new and receive divine messages/wisdom, there are other planetary alignments happening we should be aware of.

There is a push and pull, a silent dance that happens between the sun, moon, and earth. Gravitational forces give rise to the tides in the Earth’s oceans. The most extreme high tides are called spring tides and take place when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned. It’s no surprise then that spring tides most often occur during a solar eclipse. But if humans are comprised of approximately 70% water, does this mean that we are physically affected by this cosmic alignment too? The simple answer is yes. This can be a particularly unstable time for our energy, so it’s important to be extra careful and gentle with yourself during this time.


1. Mercury Retrograde has a strong impact on our communication skills. With Mercury still Retrograde during the eclipse, it’s essential that you pay particular attention to your words, especially during arguments. Be meticulous when sending emails and signing contracts as miscommunications and misunderstandings are likely to arise when doing business during Retrograde.


2. Mercury will also be squaring Neptune, which may lead to trickery confusion, feelings of insecurity, and mistakes. As this is a time of miscommunication, ensure that you speak and listen carefully, especially when it comes to business. You may also be more susceptible to infection, so think about fasting and maintaining healthy habits for at least three days leading up to the solar eclipse. Which means start today! Our physical bodies can be just as affected by planetary alignments as our emotions.
I like to fast and include a daily dose of Shilajit and Chulen at least seven days before the full moon every month. So you better believe I plan to be extra prepared for this eclipse energy. It is also a good idea to minimize your sugar intake and cut back on processed foods.


3.Saturn will also square Uranus, which can leave you feeling as though you’re being chained or confined. While this can leave you punching the air out of sheer frustration, remind yourself to stay open-minded and adaptable, taking a deep breath when things feel overwhelming – patience is the key. Keep in mind that these challenges may be blessings in disguise, as you transform them into opportunities that help rid yourself of negative and restrictive things within your life. Basically, anything that limits your true potential.

With all these changes and obstacles, there is a silver lining! The fixed stars joining this eclipse offer the self-confidence and courage you need to oppose the misleading influences of the other planetary aspects.

Just stay aware and lay low if you can help it, so you do not fall prey to rushed thinking, deception due to nativity, and recklessness. Also, stay focused on the positive. Though Eclipses can be jarring and hard to process, they only speed up the inevitable. Ultimately, the eclipse will help you overcome fears and change what is stuck! Remember that a culmination always occurs at the edge of a new beginning, and that new beginning will help you welcome more abundance into your life.


What Things Can I Do During the Solar Eclipse?

Things you definitely want to do during the June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse include setting intentions, practicing self-care, and letting go of self-destructive patterns.

Upping your self-care game and practicing mindful discipline during the solar eclipse is very important because normal feelings and emotions can be magnified during this time. One way to discipline your thoughts is to set intentions.


Setting Intentions


Along with being a mind-blowing event to watch, a solar eclipse is a powerful time to manifest what you’d like to bring forth into your life. The 26th of May was a powerful lunar eclipse and was a time for endings. During this time you may have closed a chapter or come to the realization that something needed to end. However, with the June 10th solar eclipse, you’ll have the opportunity to bring about a new beginning or have the courage to finally start that new and exciting venture.

The time between these two cosmic events offers intense energy that can easily fuel your intentions, creating a powerful opportunity for you to manifest your dreams and change your life.


Have a Sacred Eclipse Ceremony


A great way to set intentions during the eclipse is by having a sacred ceremony. Here are a few ways you can create your own sacred ceremony:

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to manifest, create, or release. For example, I would write “Right Now, I am manifesting total TIME, LOCATION, and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.” I would then fill my Tibetan Sound Bowl with loose sage, rose petals, Bay Leave, Rue, and Palo Santo. I would light this sacred blend and place my paper in it.

Next, step outside and connect to the earth. Barefeet and all, as you sit flat on the earth. As you watch it burn repeat an affirmation. Just find a sentence or two that resonates with you. For example, I would say “ Right Now I am so happy and grateful that I have the time, location, and financial freedom to focus fully on being an effective high vibrational consultant/coach. It feels so amazing to have money work for me and no longer need a J.O.B.”

Another example for you Lovers out there would be “Right Now I am so happy and grateful to be in the divine partnership of my dreams. It feels so amazing to attract the relationship that belongs to me by diving right, supports my divine life purpose, and displays my wants AND my needs.”

Stay connected to Mother Earth until the paper has burned completely, giving thanks to the Universe by repeating these powerful words: “and so it is, and so it shall be.”


Indulge in self-care


Once you have set your intentions, why not indulge in a little self-care. Ensure that you do things that leave you feeling relaxed and that help you alleviate any stress. Here are a few ideas:

  • 1. Take a Bath: Soothe your spirit with a good soak in your favorite herbs and essential oils, allowing any tension to melt away. Water is influenced by the moon, and a bath is an incredible way to connect to its magic. 


  • 2. Go for a massage: Head to your favorite massage parlour, or massage yourself with essential oils.


  • 3. Enjoy some rest: Make sure you get enough rest. Taking a nap or getting at least eight hours of sleep a night is essential to feeling re-energized and refreshed. When we fill our own cups, we can better serve others (and ourselves)!


  • 4. Spend time meditating: Meditation is a great way to get clear on your intentions and set them.


  • 5. Hydrate your body: Water is great for your body and helps to get rid of any toxins in your system. The full and new moons are a great time to detox and take stock of your physical body. However, don’t forget to add minerals back into your body as well. As mentioned above, Shilajit and Chulen are great ways to replenish your cells. I also like to add Ionic Minerals/Magnesium to my water which is a great way to balance your emotions and rid yourself of stress.


  • 6. Do a digital detox: Spending time on social media and comparing yourself to others can be physically and emotionally exhausting. If you’re feeling the effects of this, take a break from your devices.


Get your creative juices flowing:


The solar eclipse is the perfect time to summon your creative juices and use your celestial powers to unleash your creativity. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write, journal, and cooking are all great examples of creative practices. However, do any creative activity that sets your soul on fire.

For all my psychedelic lovers, it’s a great time to tap into the raw, uninhibited creative energy that these beautiful planets offer us. Deep healing, life-changing revelations, divine wisdom and inspiration are all benefits that many people experience during a psychedelic trip. Please note: Watch the Netflix Documentary “Have a Good Trip” before you even consider this if it is your first time. It’s crucial that you prepare for such an endeavor to stay safe, healthy and minimize the possibility of having a bad trip.

In conclusion, the inspiration of this Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse promotes the gratifying shatter of the old ways with a focus on change, freedom, and new beginnings. When the Sun peeks out from behind the eclipse, we can welcome our awakening with open arms, kicking our pesky ego to the curb, and know that we can walk confidently into our authentic power.

The energy of this solar eclipse is the sledgehammer that will break down the walls that have been separating us from our authentic selves and our highest good. What is your eclipse story? Please share! You can find me on Instagram @feelthemerge or get in touch from our “Contact Us” page here on the site.