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Rising above our fears and being accountable for the space we occupy as it relates to all things is the primary substance of Sovereignty.
As we step into our rightful position of Sovereignty, we are built to be sources of wisdom for each other. This is why we constructed the 9-month Sovereignty Mentorship Program. In this tribe, we share insights we have gained from safeguarding our legacy through estate planning, re-establishing our birthright and independence, and honoring our existence as Divine Sovereign Beings who live beyond 3D time, matter, and space limitations. You will interact with those in this sovereign social group who have made significant advances in their lives only because they were willing to work hard from a position of limitless possibility.
Through our social forum, you’ll be united with others who have taken steps to achieve a levelof existence they never imagined to be possible. As a part of this coaching program, we take you by the hand to help you navigate through the steps of becoming a Sovereign Being both spiritually and financially. In this community, we celebrate each other for committing to a new way of thinking, doing, and being.
Remember, it is helpful to align yourself with others who are on the same journey until you are more in tune with your higher self. Your perception as well as your interaction becomes transformed when you are on a path to self-actualization. As you become more mindful of synchronicities and become more interconnected with your body, mind, and spirit, you respond to events in ways that might seem paradoxical to others. Being a part of a mentorship program will alleviate discouragement when you cross paths with those who may not be operating from their higher self quite yet.
This community will help you hold onto the revelations you have received and apply them. When you join, you can participate in monthly coaching calls so that you can examine how your life has improved by operating from your higher self, get answers to questions about the outcomes of your spiritual reports and how to implement them, and get help with filing your Sovereign Freedom papers, aka Status Correction, Secured Party Creditor Documents, and Trust Paperwork.
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