The Golden Age of Aquarius

Do you know about astrology and the Zodiac Signs? Are you familiar with the significance of the entire zodiac signs, planets, houses, and stars in the horoscope? Are you familiar with the term Age of Aquarius? In this post, we are going to explain the Age of Aquarius, the vision of Aquarius wellness, the historical context of the Age of Aquarius, and other things that you should know about the Age of Aquarius.

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What is the Age of Aquarius?

According to astrology and veteran astrologers, the Age of Aquarius is an astrological age that depends upon astrology calculation. As per astrology research and study, it is found that every astrological time period lasts for 2,160 years. There are many methods through which astrologers can calculate the boundaries of any astrological age. In short, the Age of Aquarius is a period of earth’s processional rotation.

Calculation of Age of Aquarius= One great Year 25, 920-Period of precession/ 12, where 12 is the number of zodiac signs.

The age of Aquarius would go for 2,160 years, and the age of Pisces would have been gone for 2,160 years.

But when it comes to the sequence of astrological periods, it is reversed or retrograde. The Age Age of Aquarius is also known as the Golden Age. In general, it is a transitional process from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Age of Pisces indicates power, money, and hierarchy. Aquarius age is an age of telepathic communication, cooperation, humanitarianism, peace, technology, freedom, rebellion, nonconformity, irresolution, air, unity, and divine love.

In the Golden Age of Aquarius, the qualities of Jupiter and Mars combined. It is also said that masculine and feminine power will come together, and they will be able to do all things with unity.

The age of Aquarius is also about being very independent. It means, during this age, people will be able to anything independently; they will not need any guidance and help from others. Therefore, you may have heard the term Sovereignty becoming a very popular topic to explore.

When does the Age of Aquarius begin?

This is one of the most common questions that arise in the mind of every individual, yet astronomers can not determine exactly when the Age of Aquarius begins. In order to accurately discover this, one must know when the Age of Pisces began. British astrologer Nicholas Campion believes the Age of Aquarius began sometime between 1447 AD to 3597 AD and other astrologers believe it began in 2012.

What we do know is, the Aquarian age begins when the vernal equinox point moves out of Pisces and into Aquarius. There is not an exact answer, but we do know this age occurs due to the motion of the earth.


It is crucial to understand that after every 2,160 years, the position of the sun in March moves in front of a new zodiac constellation. When the March equinox point moved from its place and entered into the constellation, then the Age of Aquarius began.

During this age, you can see various career transitions, married life transitions, power transitions, and technology transitions. The world is changing rapidly, and millions of people are doing freelancing, portfolio careers, and taking advantage of digital technology. If you want to grab new opportunities, then you should focus on digital things, energy, and communication.

The transformation of anything is indeed painful, and when we talk about the astrology age, it can never be a painless process. Every individual who is living on this earth is living in this period and heading into a shift of radical change. It is essential to know that the Age of Aquarius is a great time to achieve more growth and expansion in life, but remember this age can also be a time of pain and suffering. You are the captain of your ship, and to prevent unnecessary pain you can ride the waves of prosperity that Aquarius season has to offer.

What to Expect From the Age of Aquarius?

This is an anxious question for all of us. To know the answer to this question, there is a need to get some hints from the Aquarius Zodiac Sign. The meaning of the Aquarius sign is Water Bearer. Aquarius is one of the most humanitarian astrological zodiac signs and stands for unity. According to the astrologer’s predictions, during the Age of Aquarius, different humans from different nations will come together and will achieve World peace by the coming 2000 years or so on.


The people who have Aquarius zodiac signs have a high level of analytical intelligence. They can make their career in the Technical industry, Mechanical industry, education, research, and in many top industries.

The world has suffered from wide-spread terrorism from the begging of the Aquarian age. In addition to this, the power of frustration and aggression has increased. When we talk about the Age of Aquarius, we can see it has already started leaving the effects across the globe.

But we can expect peace and betterment from the Age of Aquarius. It means during this age, nations will understand the importance of unity for their better future, and you can see the wide-spread progression in the world such as removal of issues of malnutrition, gender inequality, poverty, education system, etc.

In short, it is time to focus on more positive things so that you can gain a lot in your life and live peacefully. Astrology predictions say that the Age of Aquarius acquires extensive knowledge Invention.

Age of Aquarius Qualities

The people with Aquarius zodiac signs are independent, and some people of this sign are original and emotional from the heart. Aquarius is about creation, vision, and hard work. This is known as a fixed sign, and the people with this zodiac sign fulfill their commitments with dedication on-time. Aquarian Energy plays a vital role in their life.

Remedies to Improve Your Life in Aquarius Shift

The-Age-of-Aquarius-image-4Our life is full of duality; all things depend on time. There is a particular reason behind every happening in life, but you make this human experience less stressful by finding/keeping your energy balanced in all situations; the balance comes with understanding and following the astrological aspects of this reality. It brings clarity to your perception, making the inner voice louder than the rest, and allows you to navigate reality with ease. Do you want to make this transition into the age of information? If yes, then take a look at some suggestions

  • Spiritual PracticesYou might be familiar with the importance of spiritual healing and practice. But it is crucial to know that daily spiritual practice gives relaxation to the mind and manifests positive energy. Spiritual practice includes prayers, yoga, meditation, chanting, journaling, exercise, contemplation, etc. All you need to do is focus on consciousness. As per the study, it is noted that yoga and meditation are powerful tools as compared to others.

  • Do Not Succumb to Victim MentalityRemember, the Aquarian age represents empowerment and consciousness; it means you have Aquarian energy to change anything in your life. Never give your inner power to anyone. If you want happiness in your life, then don’t be a victim. Make your life happy and energetic because only you are responsible for happiness.

  • Do Not Give Into Anger or FearFear, despair, and anger are the elements to ignore. In this world, many things are going on, and some happenings can trigger these elements through politics, the environment, terrorism, etc. If you are familiar with the fact that aggression and frustration are the symptoms of the Aquarian age shift, then you need to balance your emotions and focus on the center of your life. You can deal with these elements without losing your center.

  • Be A Source of Light For OthersIf more people choose the Aquarian shift, then this transformation will be easy for humanity. The efforts of some people can influence humanity with good vibes. So, be a source of light and spread your light across the globe: create community networks, teach, invent, serve, love, sacrifice, and give importance to unity. Welcome to the Aquarian shift! During this time, you will feel Aquarius energy.


Astrology has the power to calculate past and future happenings. Utilizing astrology, you will find the understanding of the reasons for your past unfortunate incidents and gain the ability to resolve them in your current and future realities.

The Age of Aquarius is all about good human nature, unity, positivity, energy, science, air, Invention, and freedom. The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of surprise and energy sources. At this age, people will not only care for themselves, but also will care for their family, friends, and everyone living on the earth.

Each astrological age has a different energy signature along with an accompanying theme or some spiritual lessons. The energy signature of the Aquarius shift promotes divine power, harmony, peace, truthfulness, and humanity; that’s why the world around us may seem to be in disarray but is in fact the Universe bringing balance.

As always, I encourage you to dive deep into the ocean of self-discovery and knowledge and join the tribe. Once you are a member, you will have access to your Astrology Birth Chart and tools to guide you through what some believe is now the Aquarian Age.