Basic Principle: The world is tough. Therefore, you must be strong and powerful while hiding your vulnerability to obtain protection. 

Where they focus most of their attention: Not being controlled by others and injustice.

What Eight understand about themselves: They avoid showing their vulnerability as it shows weakness. They advocate for the “weak” and seek to protect them. They are direct and are not afraid to say how they feel, freely expressing their anger if need be. They have a strong and intimidating presence that’s felt by everyone around them. They are assertive, decisive, powerful, and independent.  

Type Eight – A Brief Overview: 

Eights are motivated by their need for power and to always be strong. They are confident and direct, but can also be domineering and aggressive. Eights dislike being controlled and, therefore, feel the need to control their environment. This can harm their relationships because they can come across as intimidating and hostile. They hide their vulnerability as they don’t like to look weak, and their temper can flare if they feel that this aspect of themselves is exposed. When they’re functioning at their best, they are deeply caring and always ready to fight for the “little guy”, using their strength and power to improve the lives of others. 

Desires: To have full control and to be able to protect themselves. 

Fears: Being controlled or hurt by others. 

Wings:  Seven-Wing with Nine-Wing

Type Eight Overview:

Eights are a force to be reckoned with and are a striking presence when you’re in their company. Challenge is at the heart of this type, as they love to challenge themselves and those around them, reaching new heights that they never thought possible. Eights are charismatic and natural-born leaders and could sell ice to an Eskimo. One of their natural gifts is their ability to persuade others to follow them, whether that’s starting a business or waging war.  

Eights feel most at peace when they are utilizing their immense determination and energy to affect the world. They embody a need for justice and will do anything to protect people from hurting them and those they love. They spend their lives developing and honing the qualities that will allow them to do this and are, therefore, determined, persistent, and willing to go the distance. 

Eights dislike being dependent on anyone or allowing them to take their power away. Therefore, they value their independence and hate to be under anyone’s thumb. They base many of their decisions on staying in control and holding on to their power. 

Their fear of being controlled or disempowered manifests as not wanting to show weakness or vulnerability. Therefore, Eights have a difficult time expressing their emotions, especially the softer feelings such as love, and choose to put up an emotional wall instead. While Eights make their way through life with ferocious determination, they are usually surprised when their relationships suffer as a result of their inability to connect emotionally. 

Beneath their tough exterior lies a soft and vulnerable individual, even though they won’t admit this themselves. Therefore, they feel misunderstood and rejected when their relationships do suffer, leading them to disconnect even further. As a result, they are usually the ones dishing out rejection. Because love is all about giving your power and being vulnerable with someone, “average” Eights may find it hard to connect with people or love them. 

There is no limit to how high they can build their walls, especially when they feel hurt. However, the more they do this, the more emotionally disconnected and hardened they become. “Healthy” Eights are highly protective of those they feel responsible for. Despite their commanding presence, they can be experienced by others as strong and deeply caring. They trust their gut instinct and are decisive, making the tough decisions that won’t please everyone. Eights use their gifts and resilience to create and influence their environment for the better.

Learning to grow within Type Eight:

Their need to frequently take control may not always go down well with others. Therefore, you must learn to practice restraint when asserting yourself. You have a natural gift to inspire those around you, use this alongside your enormously big (which you need to be vulnerable enough to show) to inspire devotion and loyalty.

The world can be a scary place, but not everything has it out for you. You have loving and supporting individuals in your life that are in your corner. Allowing them to support and care for you will not make you weak, but will give you the strength you need to trailblaze your way through life. While your need to assert your independence is admirable, it’s important to remember that you will always be dependent on those in your life. Whether at work or home, you rely on people to pull their weight and do their job. Therefore, you must try not to alienate those around you. 

Eights place great importance on power, whether this is wealth, status, or physical strength. People are attracted to power and, therefore, you. If power is what you seek, it might come with a hefty emotional or physical price tag. People will love what they can get from you, and not for who you truly are.