Basic Principle: You will only gain love and respect through independence. 

Where they focus most of their attention: What do others need from me? 

What Five understand about themselves: Fives strive for independence. They believe the world wants too much from them, and so they distance themselves. They appreciate privacy and tend to keep their knowledge and energy all to themselves. They are independent, curious, isolated, and detached from the feelings. 

Type Five – A Brief Overview: 

Fives are aware and curious about their environment. They are able to grasp complex problems and ideas but can become engrossed by their thoughts. They have an ability to approach things in an unsentimental way, pushing their emotions aside when they need to. However, they can sometimes be stingy, isolated, and detached from their emotions. When they’re at their best, they are mindful and visionaries, who are often ahead of their time. 

Desires: To know, understand and be capable. 

Fears: To be incompetent and without purpose. 

Wings: Four-Wing with Six-Wing

Type Five Overview:

Fives are continually in pursuit of knowledge and are not satisfied with the opinions or ideologies the world presents them. They are truth seekers and would prefer to test these theories themselves. Behind the facade of “knowledge is power”, lies deep insecurity about their capability in this world. When these insecurities rear their ugly head, their mind becomes a place of refuge where they can feel more capable. 

They have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, which leads them to explore information in great depth. They will not stop until they have gained wisdom and proficiency around a topic that they find interesting, and they have a strong desire to be a master in at least one area. When they go out and share this knowledge, and they find that people understand their work, they feel validated and competent. 

Their intense pursuit of knowledge may lead them down a road of exceptional discoveries and innovations. However, if they have a personality that’s obsessive, they may use their intense focus to distract themselves from the ordinary problems of life. No matter the source of anxiety, whether it’s unemployment or relationships, Fives tend to run away from their issues instead of facing them. Unfortunately, this may only lead to more dissatisfaction. No matter what skill they master next, it will not help to extinguish the insecurities they feel about functioning in the world.  

Fives can get lost in the process of developing skills and their ideas, believing that this will make them more confident and capable of making it in the world. While they enjoy their privacy and think nothing of spending time alone, Fives need to leave the confines of their mind and learn to develop their social skills. A huge obstacle that Fives face is finding a balance between maintaining their relationships, physical and mental well-being, while still pursuing knowledge. 

Learning to grow within Type Five: 

Learning to stay present will be a challenge for you, but try to pay attention when this does happen. Your mind can be both a blessing and a curse, especially when you use it to hide from the world. As with any high-functioning mind that works overtime, you can feel anxious or tense, and it can be difficult for you to relax. Finding healthy ways to relax and unwind (without the use of alcohol or drugs) will help to move all that nervous energy. Meditation, yoga, exercise, or dancing are all great options to consider.  

While you may feel the need to dive into mastering various topics and skills, you mustn’t use this as an excuse to distract yourself. Make sure that you’re focusing on projects that support the growth of your confidence and self-esteem, anything that does not should be avoided. 

Fives tend to put up a wall, refusing to open the gates and let someone in emotionally. All relationships have their ups and downs, and this is a concept that Fives will have to get comfortable with. They must learn to deal with the potential conflicts that arise within relationships, instead of closing the door and building their walls even higher. All healthy relationships have disputes, and it is a vital part of building meaningful relationships.