Basic Principle: To be loved and valued you must blend in and go with the flow. 

Where they focus most of their attention: Other people’s agendas and the external environment. 

What Nine understand about themselves: They are mediators and have an ability to see both viewpoints. However, they avoid conflict as it disrupts their harmony and peace. They find it difficult to say no and are uncertain of their desires and needs. They go with the flow to be kind and keep the peace. They are supportive, genuine, easygoing, and agreeable. 

Type Nine – A Brief Overview

Nines try to avoid conflict at all costs and will go with the flow to keep the peace. They are creative, genuine and optimistic, but tend to simplify and find an easier solution to their problems. Nines typically struggle with laziness, as they find it hard to set priorities and shift attention to important matters. When they are functioning at their best, they are vibrant, self-aware, and able to heal disputes and bring people together.

Desires: To have harmony and peace. 

Fears: They fear loss and separation. 

Wings: Eight-Wing with a One-Wing

Type Nine Overview:

No one is more connected to their spiritual essence than Nines, and they have an immense desire to discover and connect with the Universe.  This is perhaps because they are on a never-ending quest to find internal and external peace for themselves and others. While they are born to be mediators and have a natural talent for tempering conflict, this is something that they would rather avoid. This is because they’ll do anything to maintain their peace of mind and retain balance in their environment. 

Despite being a spiritual type, Nines have a strong connection to the physical world and their bodies thanks to their location within the Instinctive Center. This contrast can manifest as one of two things. Either they are in touch with their instinctual power, having a strong intuition and personal magnetism; or they are disconnected from their instinctual abilities and can feel detached or ungrounded. When the latter occurs, they can seek refuge in their fantasies, preferring the comfort of their minds. This misalignment causes their energy to stagnate, resulting in a heaviness that seems impossible to unblock. However, when they are in alignment with their instincts, this energy flows effortlessly. 

Nines seem to encompass characteristics from each of the personality types. Unfortunately, this leaves them feeling as if they do not have their own identity. They tend to escape into the personalities of others, consciously or unconsciously incorporating characteristics, habits, hobbies, or interests that they find attractive. 

Nines would prefer to run away from their problems and to find comfort by numbing themselves. This can be anything from alcohol to endless watching television. Their mantra is: “avoid, avoid, avoid”, preferring to drown out the noise of the world with a false sense of peace or spiritual attainment. Instead of facing the mysteries and pain that comes with being human, Nines will find the nearest escape route in hopes of stumbling upon easy and painless solutions to their problems. 

Nines focus on the silver lining because they’re too afraid to disturb their peace, but they’ll need to realize that growth also lies in the discomfort and negative aspects of life. They will also need to understand that they cannot always escape into their spirituality, but that sometimes the only way to overcome something is to go through it. 

Learning to grow within Type Nine:

There is nothing wrong with being yourself. It would be helpful to examine your need to “go with the flow” in the hopes of being nice or keeping the peace. Try to present people with an authentic version of yourself, it is the only way that you will create meaningful connections. 

Learn to apply yourself both physically and emotionally. Nines tend to find it difficult to set priorities or focus on what is important and would prefer to drift off and tune out people. Therefore, learn to focus your attention on the present moment and the world around you.

Because you experience emotions so intensely, you prefer not to consciously experience negative emotions or anxieties – these emotions are too draining. However, instead of sweeping them under the rug, you will need to deal with them by allowing yourself to feel these emotions. This is the only way you will be able to achieve the peace and harmony you so desperately seek. When it comes to the breakdown of relationships, it doesn’t help to play the victim and blame the other party. You may try and avoid it because it is incredibly painful, but you will need to examine your role and the part you played in the problems and conflict that emerged. Ultimately, this self-examination will help to strengthen your future relationships. 

Exercise is essential to getting back into your body and moving any stagnant energy. Exercise is not always a top priority for Nines, but it is a healthy method of developing self-discipline It is also an excellent way to connect with your emotions and to release any pent-up aggression.