Basic Principle: There is the correct way of doing things, and then there’s the wrong way of doing things. 

Where they focus most of their attention: What is correct and incorrect. 

What Ones understand about themselves: Ones have a strong drive to be right and good. This is further motivated by their intense inner critic that controls every thought and action. Quality will always be important to them, and they agonize over whether things are correct. This makes them extremely sensitive to criticism, as they strive to ensure that everything is perfect. They also desire to be good and suppress any desire for pleasure. They can come across as very stiff and set in their ways, viewing goodness as a reward.  They are perfectionists, self-disciplined, virtuous, and visionaries.

Type One – A Brief Overview: 

Ones are diligent and honest. They are on a constant quest to make things better but are always afraid that they’ll slip up and make a mistake. They have a strong moral compass and view matters within the framework of right and wrong. They are well-organized individuals that have high standards but can find themselves sinking into a pit of self-criticism and perfectionism if they’re not careful. When they’re working at their best, they’re tolerant, virtuous, and offering wisdom to themselves and those around them. 

Desires: To be good and right, and to find balance. 

Fears: To be imperfect or corrupt. 

Wings: Nine-Wing with Two-Wing 

Type One Overview: 

Ones have a strong sense of purpose and feel called to make the world a better place – no matter what that may look like for them. They are strongly motivated by their desire to overcome moral hardships and aspire to attain higher values, even at an extreme personal loss. While purpose lies at the heart of Ones, they often feel the need to explain their actions to themselves and those around them. They can lose time contemplating the consequences of their actions, as well as how they can stay on the right path in terms of their values. This need to rationalize may lead them to believe that they’re guided only by logic and facts. However, the truth is that they’re passionate individuals that utilize their judgments and beliefs to help guide their actions. 

In an attempt to stay true to their values, Ones keep their emotions very close to their chests and often refuse to give in to their instinctual urges. The consequence is a personality that cannot easily express themselves and who feel the need to bottle their emotions and desires. This can lead to feelings of repression and aggression. While Ones are perceived as being rigid and having plenty of self-discipline, this is not at all how they view themselves. They feel as though their passions and desires are frequently bubbling over and that they have to contain them. 

To be “good enough” for themselves and those around them, Ones are incredibly strict with themselves, which eventually guides them down the road of perfectionism. This can also lead them to a self-imposed prison of suffering and agony. As they navigate their way through life and towards their passions, their intuition is pushed to the side in favor of listening to their inner critic. This is a voice that’s often unforgiving and harsh. Growth will only occur when Ones can separate themselves from this voice and view it objectively. 

How to grow when you’re Type One: 

Stop holding the reins so tightly and learn to let go and relax. The world will not implode if you do this, so it’s okay to take time for yourself. Try to let go of the idea that everything is on your shoulders, and rest peacefully knowing that there are others ready to pick up the slack in your absence. 

You are an excellent teacher, but you must learn to understand that everyone is on their own journey and will get there in their own time. While they may not align with your thoughts and views, change is not something that happens overnight – give them time. Your words and actions may have more influence than you realize, but patience is the key to transformation. 

Ones are virtuous individuals that focus on right and wrong. However, it can be counterproductive to fret over the misconduct of others. Your frustration with this will not help to change them, so try to focus your energy elsewhere. The need to critique yourself is another aspect that may drain your energy and will not help to bring growth into your life. Learn to view this inner-critic objectively, understanding when it is trying to sabotage instead of help you.

You need to take the lid off your emotions and learn to express them more freely. It may help to keep a journal or join a group therapy session that allows you to feel more at ease with your feelings. Your biggest weakness is your self-righteous anger. This anger may be keeping people at arm’s length and not allowing them to listen to the incredible things that you have to say. It also doesn’t bode well for your health, as the intense suppression of your anger may result in ulcers or high blood pressure.