Basic Principle: Life needs to be experienced to its fullest to avoid pay and frustration. A great life is possible if you create options, opportunities and adventures. 

Where they focus most of their attention: Seeing the beauty and positivity in all things. 

What Seven understand about themselves: Life is meant to be enjoyed, and they are hungry for new experiences and variety. They are filled with energy and tend to see the good in everything. They see the possibilities in life, but find it difficult to commit. They fear that they may limit themselves and are always on the prowl for variation. They are optimistic, adaptable, adventurous, and scattered. 

Type Seven – A Brief Overview: 

Sevens approach life as if it’s an adventure, and enjoy being playful and spontaneous. They value their sense of freedom and take opportunities as they present themselves. However, they can feel drained from having to jump from one thing to the next. They have a fear of missing out and are continually searching for fulfilment in their lives. This fear can manifest as impulsiveness and being uncommitted. When they are functioning at their best, they are optimistic and content. 

Desires: To find fulfilment and to be content. 

Fears: To experience pain and frustration. 

Wings: Six-Wing and Eight-Wing

Type Seven Overview:

Sevens are optimistic individuals who approach life as an adventure, sprinkling their cheeriness wherever they go. However, don’t let their cheerful disposition fool you, Sevens are bold and practical when they need to be. At the heart of their personality is an individual who craves variety, and their thinking reflects that. They are focused on the future and can create ideas that anticipate and create an exciting future, and they prefer to indulge in activities that stimulate their minds. 

A Sevens mind is similar to a monkey jumping from one branch to the next – from one idea to another. Their minds are continually moving, and this makes them excellent at brainstorming or bringing different ideas and concepts together. Instead of dedicating themselves to one topic, they enjoy jumping into a variety of topics. 

Their quick and agile minds make them fast learners. Their incredible ability to soak up information combined with their mind-body coordination, make them individuals who can do anything if they put their minds to it. However, this can be a problem for Sevens. Their curious nature and need to seek variety can make it difficult for them to stick to just one thing. This doesn’t give them the room to appreciate their skills. When they are “healthy”, this curiosity and ability to learn enables them to achieve great success. 

The second way of coping with their anxiety is through experimentation. Sevens will usually try everything to see what works best for them. At the root of this, is an individual that is seeking fulfilment. Because they are not connected to their inner guidance system, they don’t know what they are looking for, and therefore, use this trial and error approach to compensate. Unfortunately, this can result in them accepting anything, instead of the thing that they’re searching for. 

As they go about their search for freedom and fulfilment, they may become less satisfied with the choices that they are making since they are experiencing it indirectly. This can lead them down a path of frustration and anxiety that may end up affecting their health, relationships and financial security on their mission to find fulfilment. 

However, it’s not all bad. Sevens are naturally optimistic and seek the good in people and their experiences. When they are “healthy”, their love for life and cheerful disposition infects everyone around them. They are the personification of joy and zest for life. 

Learning to grow within Type Seven:

Acting on our urges is not always good for us, so you must learn to sit with them before making a decision. This relates to purchases and new opportunities. If something is truly meant to be, they will come back around, so have patience. By doing this, you can focus on what will truly benefit you. 

Build a connection with yourself by enjoying the silence and solitude of your company. Your mind can be a busy place, but try not to distract yourself with constant stimulation. While your instinct is to go from one experience to the next, quality is always better than quantity. Make sure that you choose experiences that will enrich your life by focusing on the present moment. When you’re two steps ahead, it can devalue your current experience, which can sabotage your chances of finding the satisfaction you crave. 

What you wish for may not always be what you need. Make sure that what you want will benefit you, and not bring you disappointment or unhappiness.