Basic Principle: The only way to receive is through giving, and that love and survival depend on this. 

Where they focus most of their attention: The needs of others. 

What Twos know about themselves: They are fixated on the needs of others, but they find pride in giving. Their giving nature sometimes leads them to feel as though people are taking advantage of them. While they are fixated on the needs of others, they find it difficult to express their needs. They can be manipulative and tend to change the way they present themselves to others that they view as important. They are generous, possessive, expressive, and a people-pleaser. 

Type Two –  A Brief Overview: 

Twos value relationships and deeply care about those around them. As a result, generosity, kindness, and self-sacrifice are what they consider important. If they’re not careful, they can fall into a pattern of pleasing others to help them feel needed. While they do have a giving nature, they can also be possessive and can fail to recognize their own needs. When they’re functioning at their best, they are unconditionally supportive and willing to offer the gift of their compassion to themselves and the world around them. 

Desires: To feel loved by those around them. 

Fears: Of being unloved or unwanted. 

Wings: One-Wing with Three-Wing

People that fall under this personality type are the epitome of kindness and generosity. Twos have a tender heart that shines a bright light and guides people towards them, where they are eagerly waiting to embrace them with kindness and generosity. They find meaning in doing this and will go above and beyond to help people. Love, intimacy, sharing, family, and friendship are all things that Twos cannot live without. 

When Twos have found balance and are healthy, they embody all the phenomenal aspects that this type has to give. They have an incredible ability to recognize the potential of those around them, encouraging them with their tender heart and boundless patience. They offer insight and understanding through compassion, and they are always ready to lend a helping hand. The door to their heart is wide open, demonstrating what it means to be a deep and beautiful human being.  

However, if they manage to spiral into unhealthy aspects, they embody the darker traits of this personality. When this happens, they show signs of delusion, pride, and a troubling ability to manipulate those around them to satisfy their needs. For transformation to take place, we often need to step into the shadows of ourselves. This is easier said than done for Twos, as they prefer to only look at their positive attributes. 

When it comes to their inner work, the biggest challenge that they will have to overcome is facing their fear of not being good enough. Instead of seeking validation within themselves, Twos often look for it outside, convincing themselves that they need to do something incredible to win the love and approval of others. 

Twos that are within the average or unhealthy Levels seek validation through self-sacrifice and a false sense of generosity. While they feel that they need to put others first, this can often lead to repressed resentment and anger. Unfortunately, the pressure that builds will result in a catastrophic explosion that will reveal the unauthentic ways in which they present themselves and their love. 

Learning to grow within Type Two: 

Remember to take care of yourself before you take care of others. This will help to avoid harboring resentment. When you’re unable to satisfy your needs, it’s unlikely that you can do the same for others. There’s nothing wrong with taking time out to practice self-care before you look after those around you. 

Because finding validation through service is at the heart of this personality, it’s best to look at the reason behind why you’re helping someone. Are you expecting something in return? Twos usually have a habit of falling into pattern codependency, which usually results in them never getting what they want. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a pat on the back, but it’s best to avoid placing the spotlight on all the wonderful things you’ve done for others. This only results in people feeling uneasy, which doesn’t help to improve your relationships. 

When others do pat you on the back, learn to acknowledge this, as it may not always be in ways that you recognize. Love and appreciation come in all shapes and sizes, and once you learn to understand this, you’ll rest easier knowing that you are loved. Be aware and ready to accept all the love that’s flowing your way!